I don't know about you guys but I've been on the ning a few months and whilst I consider myself a nerdfighter, I haven't really participated in site activity as much as i would've liked (my fault I know but still...) I think this is partly because I know no nerdfighters IRL, so it doesn't quite seem real. But that's all changing, for me at least, because after Hanks video on friday and persuading my bro to buy me TFioS for my birthday (mid-Feb) i finally feel part of something much larger, connected to a community, sharing in something many of you already have.

Have you ever found yourself in the same position? When did you feel like a real Nerdfighter?

DFTBA and i look forward in reading your experiences :)

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I quite literally *just* joined the ning but I've considered myself a nerdfighter for the better part of a year. Like you, I don't know any other nerdfighters IRL but I started to identify with myself with this community not long after I started watching the Vlogbrother videos on a regular basis. SO many times I found myself nodding along with what was being said on the videos or laughing out loud or getting wrapped up in the topics and conversations that come up in comments. It's such a diverse group of people and we don't always agree, but we're able to put those differences aside and unite behind this idea that being different is okay and that if we work together, decreasing world suck can really happen. I love using the word "we" :) I guess since I don't vlog and haven't gone to gatherings or know anyone IRL some might not consider me a real nerdfighter and I get that, I know I'm an outsider in a lot of ways, but I still identify myself with it all anyway.

At VidCon 2011. I had been standing with thousands of fellow Nerdfighters screaming for four hours at the edge of the stage during the Saturday concert, with barely enough room to move my hands (and I'm claustrophobic). Every inch of me burned or stung or ached, and I could barely speak, but I had never been so happy in my life. Finally ALL CAPS finishes and John gets up and goes, "Who knows who's coming up now?" Everybody just cheered, but I answered the question by screaming, "CHAMELEON CIRCUIT!" Then John looked at me, right in the face, and held the microphone out to me and said again "Who?" and I said it again, and then they came roaring out onto the stage and Edd started singing. All my tiredness just washed away. That was the last time I saw John, but I'll see him again in a few days. He won't remember my face or name at all, but one of the many things he will be to me always is the man who gave me the opportunity to introduce my favorite band on the best night of my life.

I have been a nerdfighter since 2009, but it wasn't until I had a nerdfighter friend that I actually felt like one.

Hmm... I think what made me feel like a Nerdfighter the most was reading some of John's books. Because I only started watching the vlogbrothers videos in early 2011 I sometimes felt left out of the older jokes and references, so one weekend I went back and watched everyone of their original Brotherhood 2.0 videos which really helped me feel like I belonged to Nerdfighteria. 
Also getting my pizza john shirt about a week ago added a whole new meaning to the pride I feel being a Nerdfighter. 

In hindsight I guess it was little things like having a row with a good friend on a night shift in a hospital, over the likelihood  of a non-linear model of time.

But I've only had a name for it and felt completely positive about it since I was introduced to John and Hank by Pi, after scoffing at YouTubers as narcissistic twerps.  Sometimes it is good to be wrong.  

Thank you Pi, you know who you are!

Probably when a total stranger got in touch with me after reading one of my nerdfighter notes


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