I mean seriously, have you ever thought about it? I always pictured God with an American accent because I'm American but then one day I realized that I was being kinda ignorant. He could have an Australian accent or a Russian accent or maybe he has an accent all his own, like the God accent or something. What do you think?

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Well DUH! I mean come on, it's not like a WOMAN could be God or anything. (dripping with sarcasm, but kinda laughing at myself for saying "he" earlier)
If god was a man all animals would look like Great White sharks.
If god was a man all animals would look like boobs. Occasionally an ass or two.
Of course God is sexless, the "he" is nothing more than an arbitrary language quirk meaning 1. he's not explicitly female, 2. He's not an object so "it" can't be used (Of course God's not an object I already said he's not explicitly female!), 3. No one would induct a pronoun into their language that can only be applied to God because it would be a waste of letters and brain space.
accent?as english with accent?
Why do you figure that he'll be a he? He/she/it could be like a neuter with no junk or anything.
Also (and this is a semi-random sidenote), I thought that God was supposed to speak in the person's own voice. Like in the Prince of Egypt, the actor who played Moses also did God's voice. Man, I love that movie. Other religious movies of awesome: Dogma and What Dreams May Come.
if I ever met God, he'd be damning me to Hell for blasphemy.

Not that God is a male. He's not human, therefore has no gender.
I think that the idea of a personal god that is in any way, shape, or form comparable to a human is just somewhat preposterous. I sort of prefer the 2001/2010 Kubric version of god.
I personally like to think that he'll sound like David Tennant, better known as Dr Who (just one of a long list of wonderous characters Mr Tennant has played0 :3
And just a follow up to what I already said, but I once had a dream where I thought God sounded like James Earl Jones, though what are the odds that 90% of you already haven't said that? :)
As some others have pointed out, God, if one exists (which I don't believe), wouldn't neciessarily be a he. Even if there is a god there's little chance it would be the Abrahamic patriarch often envisaged by Western society. He'd actually probably be a male, to go along with the Pagan visage of womanhood as a symbol for nature, fertility and birth.

Anywho, I'm not sure. Clerks might have been onto something when they said God's true voice is unhearable by human ears. God would probably communicate in some extra-sonic sixth sense.

Alls I know is there was a joke in Shaw's "Saint Joan" about this. When Joan of Arc was being tried by English and Catholic officials, one of the charges of her heresy is that she claimed God spoke French to her. When one of the officials asked another if this was heresy because the court thinks God would speak Latin, another official replied they think God would speak English.


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