I mean seriously, have you ever thought about it? I always pictured God with an American accent because I'm American but then one day I realized that I was being kinda ignorant. He could have an Australian accent or a Russian accent or maybe he has an accent all his own, like the God accent or something. What do you think?

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There's also this to think about Jesus and God were "created" in the Middle East; Why are they more often then not depicted as white English (British or American) men?
Wow! I never thought about that.
I like the idea of a God accent.
Of course, it could be one of those to each his own businesses.
If there was a god, I think he'd be able to speak in all languages, so whichever accent you're familiar with, and it'd be one of thoese accents which you wouldn't concider being an accent... if you get what I mean.
i agree...

i don't think there will be any languages in heaven. thats more of an earth thing. remember how God punished the people of the earth at babylon and was like, "you guys are gonna get too powerful and arrogant for your own good. so i'm going to make it so that you all speak different languages and live in all corners of the earth." sometimes a little diversity's a good thing.

but in heaven, everyone will be perfect, so no need for stuff like that.
I don't like the idea of "everyone will be perfect."
That bothers me.
not saying this as a for sure thing. just that there won't be pain, confusion, or really anything that bad to worry about.

i must stop getting so involved in all the religious discussions...
If worry and confusion do not exist, nor can calm or understanding.


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