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I want to know where Nerdfighters live.

I have posted all seven continents as replies to this. All you have to do is reply to the place where you live with the name of your country and/or town.

If enough people do this, you could find out about lots of Nerdfighters near you.. how cool would that be?!

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Hampshire, England X3
lincoln city and yachats Oregon USA
This may have been mentioned somewhere in the 30 pages of responses but there's a google map you can add your marker to on this thread.
Tampa, FL
Wales!!! the land of mountains and sheep and rain...
The Netherlands, in Brabant (the province, not the town)
That would be Houston, Texas, USA.

I live in Texas too, but I live all the way in West Texas near Lubbock and the New Mexico border.

Denmark, Århus
I'm moving to Århus in August! I'm going to be an exchange student for the year! :) (I'm from Canada)
WOO SHERWOOD PARK, ALBERTA!!!! Right by Edmonton? In Canada??


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