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I want to know where Nerdfighters live.

I have posted all seven continents as replies to this. All you have to do is reply to the place where you live with the name of your country and/or town.

If enough people do this, you could find out about lots of Nerdfighters near you.. how cool would that be?!

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I'm in Stockholm, too, I've been far too inactive with my Nerdfighting lately though.
Are there any gatherings planned?
Sweden, just outside Stockholm :)

Sweden, Uppsala! (studying, originally from Landskrona) :)

(not too far away from Stockholm.. :P )

Nära mig :) Varberg
Sweden, Sundsvall here!

Sweden, Västerås!

Sweden, Malmö! :D

The Netherlands, Gelderland, Arnhem
The Netherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht (but originally from Apeldoorn, hi fellow Gelderlandian!!!)
amsterdam ^^ born and raised
Hilversum :)
UK/England/Sheffield (in the middle, not very exciting).


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