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I want to know where Nerdfighters live.

I have posted all seven continents as replies to this. All you have to do is reply to the place where you live with the name of your country and/or town.

If enough people do this, you could find out about lots of Nerdfighters near you.. how cool would that be?!

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Sweden Stockholm!! ;D Awesome! It's such a pity you live so far away from Stockholm you guys, 'cause otherwise you might be able to come to one of our megasmall Nerdfightergatherings!

(BTW I'm half asian though, my mom's 25% indonesian, 75% chinese, and my dad's a Swede)
Sweden, Luleå. =)
I'm in Stockholm, too, I've been far too inactive with my Nerdfighting lately though.
Are there any gatherings planned?
Sweden, just outside Stockholm :)

Sweden, Uppsala! (studying, originally from Landskrona) :)

(not too far away from Stockholm.. :P )

Nära mig :) Varberg
Sweden, Sundsvall here!

Sweden, Västerås!

Sweden, Malmö! :D

The Netherlands, Gelderland, Arnhem
The Netherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht (but originally from Apeldoorn, hi fellow Gelderlandian!!!)
amsterdam ^^ born and raised


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