Hey, I'm Allison and a teen librarian in Irving, Texas.

I've been lurking around here for a while now, but now I want to find other librarians out there that are made of awesome. I should forewarn you though--I'm still a bit of a newbie!

Wow, this is starting to sound like a personal ad. LOL. Well, if you're a librarian (or want to befriend a pitiful one with no friends), wander this way...

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The program I am taking consists of courses that deal with the following subject matter:

1) Cataloguing: This series of courses teaches you how to transcribe bibliographic information about a book or serial into MARC coding (or computer language) so as to enter/edit the information in the library records, which happens quite frequently.
2) Reference Work: These courses teach you basically how to find information: both in print format and on the internet. Its more intensive than it sounds! Basically, you learn to answer library patron's questions, which in a public library can deal with just about anything.

Then there are other courses that deal with subject matter like government documents, archival records, children's literature, etc. Some of these are electives that you can choose to take depending on where you are interested in working (i.e. children's library, government library, academic,...)...
Easy degree, but you have to a Master's in Library Science. I got mine mostly online. You learn how to answer reference questions, buy books, and some other things I don't quite remember. Best education was working in a library while going to school for my MLS.
I kinda wish I went the academic route cuz I am a literature nerd, but then I wouldn't get to buy teen books & hang out with the teens. Depends on what kind of public library & what department...
When I was in the high school, I was a librarian for band (yes, it counts. My band director was horribly unorganized), a librarian for choir (I spent every single lunch period in the library for 3 years sorting music. xD), and I helped out in the real school library. You know, the one with the books and stuff.

But since I graduated, my organization skills have not been needed.
Sounds like you're a librarian-in-the-making....

Hmmm...have you organized your books at home? I have mine categorized and alphabetized. Apparently, this is not normal behavior to non-book nerds. But it makes me so happy to see them all nice & neat :-)
Lol. Yep. ^^
Interestingly enough, in my room only (because it'd confuse some others, I'm sure) I arrange them by size, first. Then categorized, then alphabetized. I also do that to the vast amount of video games in the house. xD My brothers appreciate it.

I also like to sort card decks.

I'm not obsessive compulsive, I promise. Lol. It doesn't bother me if it's not done. I just like to do it. xD
You just have an appreciation for organization ;-) Trust me, my books are organized & my closet. But don't look at the large pile of junk on my counter top or in the corner of the dining room! Definitely not OCD enough to clean those things up. Hehee..
I'm a librarian for our university's music library. I don't have an MLS, but I'm looking into it. Has anyone done the program online and what did you think? Thanks!
Online all the way!
Agreed...My program is 90% online...there are just a few computer courses that I have to take at my local campus.
I'm glad people seem to like the online because unless I quit my job and move, I have no other option. There isn't even an accredited MLS program in my state. :P
My name is Rochelle and I am a youth services librarian...and a newbie too!!!


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