Hello fellow nerdfighters :) Looking around nerdfightaria it seems that most nerdfighters are from America, but I really want to see where everyone is from, so just post below which country you're from and lets just see what happens! I'm from England, by the way :)

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Whereabouts? I'm in Manchester :)
I'm from Bath :)
Canada! But I wish I lived in England... xD
I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are famous for 3 things: World War I, World War II and Civil War in the 90's.



we are famous mainly for having ginger hair, wearing skirts in a very windy country and throwing trees at people. people seem to forget that most of us do none of those things. 

Och, how could you forget the deep fried mars bar, or the Glesgae kiss? Shameful, just shameful!
well, i was gonna say about them, but some people apparently haven't heard of those things.
I am from South Africa
Scotland, represent! xD
America. :<
Anyone from Wales around? :)
I'm from the US, but am currently living in Japan.  :)


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