So I really want to start watching Doctor Who because everybody seems to be talking about - but what is the best episode/season to start watching it?
I don't really feel like beginning from season one episode one ;)

What would you suggest?

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You can't possibly go wrong with the beggining.
Start with the episode where the maniquines take over london. You have to watch that season to understand ANYTHING in the show. seriously
I would recommend starting with the beginning of the 2005 series, which is called Season 1, but the "real" Season 1 is from 1963. Failing that, maybe the beginning of Season 2 in 2006.
Like most everyone is saying, start with Eccleston/the 2005 series. Personally, if I had started with the first doctor (Hartnell- what I'm watching now) I would have been completely turned off to the series- mostly because I'm not a fan of 60s style acting. You can stream [just about] the entire first four seasons of the 2005 Who through Netflix. If you've got free time, you can power through them all in the two-week trial. (Or keep the Netflix because it is AWESOME and streams so many cool shows.)
You can't start from the very beginning, 1963. I've checked and can't find many of the seasons anywhere. But starting at 2005 is perfect. I did and I finished rather quickly. (I also couldn't stop hitting "next episode"...)
I watched them on Netflix. Took about a week... a really uneventful week. (But in the realm of teevee, boy was it fascinating!)
Netflix has about half of the 1963 serials. You just have to be willing to get them in the mail instead of streaming. For the ones that aren't available, you can read the synopses:
Thanks everyone, I guess I will start then with the 2005 series and maybe try some of the old ones later, I will see ;)
The problem with the watching the old series, and I've watched a good portion of it because my dad actually has them on VhS because he recorded them, is that you can only really find some of the episodes. Usually they're good episodes but you still lose some continuity.
start of the 2005 series
I'd start with David's Doctor, but that might be because that's when I started watching.
Although sometimes Ten references things that Nine did/encountered. Example, in the Poison Sky, he references The Empty Child. It's still "Oh, the Doctor is so quirky!" smile-worthy, but it's so much funnier if you get the reference.


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