Note: If you haven't read the books, you shouldn't be here. And you shouldn't be on this website, or on the internet, or in the world, really. Go read them. Now!

We see a lot of deaths in the books, the major ones starting with Goblet of Fire, I think. (Or was there an important one before that? Can't remember.)

So, yeah, which death troubled you the most? If you can't decide, think in terms of volume of tears cried. Or number of hair strands pulled out in grief.

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Fred or George Weasley, I can't remember which on died in the seventh book...

Fred. It was a tragic loss.

It was weird for me the first time I read the books it was definitely Dobby... but the second time it was Dumbledore. Maybe I just feel sorry for those who die whose names begin with the letter 'D' :D

All of them....I cried through out the whole book 

Sirius Black's death destroyed me lol

Definitely Sirius! many tears were shed... But Fred is a very VERY close second ;(

The first time I read the last book I cried loads when Dobby died, but when I look back at it I really have to say Fred. Percy had just joined them and everything was so happy, but the worst part is that there was no significance to his death. There were no major plot twists because of it, nothing really happened at all and that's just how it is in wars. People die and it sucks. That's why his death touched me so much, and I always read sad fanfiction about the twins when I get PMS and feel weepy.

Fred, definitely. Dobby is a close second.

Sirius Black, hands down. Or Fred. I burst into tears in the theater when Fred died.

im going to say sirius with tonks and dobby tied for second

Dobbys death was the saddest.

I think Fred and Serius's death were both extremely sad :(


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