This is assuming they'd say yes.

And Edward Cullen is not a valid answer. ;P

Me? Oh.. well.... It's a tough choice, but my heart belongs to Roxas. If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts, then know that Roxas is the best. Ever.

pahaaha, a lot more people said Ron Weasley than I had originally expected XD

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Ron weasley. Hands down.

EDIT- Or Dave the Laugh, even if he is a bit of a manwhore
pahaha, who wouldn't?
People who hate red heads. Oh wait nevermind, who could hate a red head?
no one in there wright mind thats who!:)
Precisely =)
I dunno. A lot of awesome people are not in their right mind(like me). But i do love red heads. Like my 2 best friends.
I hate a red head but not because he's a red head.
Not this guy, though I like redheads, too young, and not enough x chromosomes.
Yep Ron for sure!
Second Dave the Laugh! =)
*happy dances*
Third dave the laugh. the actor is just TOO cute and i really liked his character in the books too.


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