This is assuming they'd say yes.

And Edward Cullen is not a valid answer. ;P

Me? Oh.. well.... It's a tough choice, but my heart belongs to Roxas. If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts, then know that Roxas is the best. Ever.

pahaaha, a lot more people said Ron Weasley than I had originally expected XD

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Either Ian O'Shae from The Host by Stephanie Mayer, or Ron Weasley...or Ian.
Edit: Or Peeta Mellark (see above at Taylor's post) or the other one from The Hunger Games whose name I can't remember.
Double Edit: Or Doctor Who. Don't laugh. Or hate. Please. xD
Jess from Gilmore Girls
Neville Longbottom. Period.
Peeta Mellark.

Or Remus lupin during the marauders' time. (but I'd feel bad because I'm a huge Remus/Sirius shipper :D)
Always room for one more when you're talking about randy teenagers.
Thanks a lot, there's one thought I won't be able to get out of my head for a while xDD
I totally agree with you.
Ok for the record I am a huge Harry Potter fan but no one really intrests me in a dateing way from that fandom also for some reason (i am most diffently not complaing here) I do not notice what people real or not look like besides general regionization.
Johnny (from movie To Save a Life)
Jackson (flight 29 down)
Ang (Avtar Last Airbender)
Will (The Maze by Will Hobbs)
Zuko (Avtar The Last Airbender)
Eragon (Eragon)
thats only ones i can think of right now I know more will come to me because I have read so many books
Winifred Burkle
Captain Jack Harkness.
He'd probably have us compete in some lude way if we all showed up at the same time. I'd do it if the winner had to "defeat" Ianto before getting to Jack. ; )
Eragon, i am really sorry, but i can't help myself.
Cedric, he sounds adorable.
Jonah from how to say goodbye in robot


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