Which Harry Potter character made you cry when they died?

Maybe you don't cry at the deaths of fictional characters, but, heck, I do!

For me it was Dobby ;(

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I cried when Dobby and Fred died :(
.... both times I've read Deathly Hallows
Lupin and Tonks :( I haven't even read the book recently and I feel like I'm going to cry again over it
Hedwig. When he died, i knew my life was over
Am I seriously the only one who did NOT cry when Dobby died? >.>

I did, though, at Fred, and...I think when Harry was going to. And later at Remus, I think.
ummmm......ALL OF THEM. I was a sputtering fountain pretty much the whole book - every time i read it.
I was sad at most of the deaths, but Fred's death made me cry so hard.
I cry every time I read the chapter about dumbledore's funeral, not his actual death, but his funeral.
Also cried at Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Lupin+Tonks, and of course Severus Snape....I love him.
most of the major deaths made me cry. i think i cried at every death in deathly hallows except for mad-eye, i'm not really sure why.

And Sirius Black. And Cedric Diggory. And Dobby. And Colin. And I would have cried at the others, but I was either expecting them for a while...

My life ended when Sirius Black died. I was in the fifth grade when I finished the book, and until that dreaded chapter I was convinced of my future as Sirius' wife. *sigh* Alas, all good things must come to an end. But, when I fixed my eyes on that horrid page, I simply could not read any more, and tossed the book to the side as I ambled down the stairs, blubbering. I threw my arms around my mother (who, coincidentally, is a Potter freak as well, so she understands the pain) and sobbed into her shoulder as I explained. All that I can remember about the rest of the fifth book is that Dumbledore does something to save Harry... Again. Everything following his death was too much of a blur for me, and now I feel that I can finally admit to my geeky reaction because I am in the presence of people who think the same way!


...Mom's cookies helped soothe my pain, by the way... Don't they always? ^^

I'm all about Snape.  Easily the best character written in the entire serious (in my opinion).  I was upset with Sirius, but not because I liked him.  You could tell that despite his amiable qualities, he was still a total douche to people he didn't like personally.  I was upset (at the time, but not with subsequent books) because I thought that any chance of exciting early chapters had died with him.  Obviously I was proven wrong, but I thought that if it was revealed that Sirius was a good guy at the end of OotP then Harry would live with him then I could say goodbye to three chapters of every book being filled with Harry getting yelled at by is uncle.

Also, I think that we should all bow our heads in respect for the noble sacrifice made by Hedwig and the Firebolt in the name of filling potential plot holes.


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