Which Harry Potter character made you cry when they died?

Maybe you don't cry at the deaths of fictional characters, but, heck, I do!

For me it was Dobby ;(

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most of the major deaths made me cry. i think i cried at every death in deathly hallows except for mad-eye, i'm not really sure why.

And Sirius Black. And Cedric Diggory. And Dobby. And Colin. And I would have cried at the others, but I was either expecting them for a while...

My life ended when Sirius Black died. I was in the fifth grade when I finished the book, and until that dreaded chapter I was convinced of my future as Sirius' wife. *sigh* Alas, all good things must come to an end. But, when I fixed my eyes on that horrid page, I simply could not read any more, and tossed the book to the side as I ambled down the stairs, blubbering. I threw my arms around my mother (who, coincidentally, is a Potter freak as well, so she understands the pain) and sobbed into her shoulder as I explained. All that I can remember about the rest of the fifth book is that Dumbledore does something to save Harry... Again. Everything following his death was too much of a blur for me, and now I feel that I can finally admit to my geeky reaction because I am in the presence of people who think the same way!


...Mom's cookies helped soothe my pain, by the way... Don't they always? ^^

I'm all about Snape.  Easily the best character written in the entire serious (in my opinion).  I was upset with Sirius, but not because I liked him.  You could tell that despite his amiable qualities, he was still a total douche to people he didn't like personally.  I was upset (at the time, but not with subsequent books) because I thought that any chance of exciting early chapters had died with him.  Obviously I was proven wrong, but I thought that if it was revealed that Sirius was a good guy at the end of OotP then Harry would live with him then I could say goodbye to three chapters of every book being filled with Harry getting yelled at by is uncle.

Also, I think that we should all bow our heads in respect for the noble sacrifice made by Hedwig and the Firebolt in the name of filling potential plot holes.

Dumbledore, Dobby, and Fred.


Which is strange, because Sirius and Moody were my two favorite characters. Alas, their deaths were, I suppose, not particularly emotionally stimulating. Mad-Eye's was, after all, just news of his death. And then Umbridge's horrible eye thing, but that was icky, not saddening.

Lupin and Tonks.


I don't cry very often at death scenes, though. I'm more of a sentimental cryer.

Fred and Dobby. I didn't know Lupin and Tonks were dead until I re read it and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So, them too.

I definitely cried for Hedwig and Lupin. Killing Hedwig was just plain cruel and unusual and Lupin was the best DATDA teacher. Plus he and Tonks were leaving behind their now orphaned son D;

But the character I cried the most for was Snape. When it first hapened, I really didn't care because I thought he was still a complete jerk face. But when Harry goes through all his memories was THE most heartbreaking thing I have ever read to this day. And I also felt extra bad because I didn't feel sorry for him until he was already dead.

I actually didn't feel really bad when Dobby died. When I first read the books, I was still pretty young and I don't think I really understood how much Dobby meant to Harry and everyone else. So after I was done reading it and everybody was super sad for Dobby, I just didn't get it.

But I made for it when I saw the movie. Then I cried. :'[


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