Who else likes to psychoanalyze people through their Facebook statuses?

I always find myself rereading peoples' statuses over and over again, trying to decode them into some sort of deeper meaning or personal conflict (that apparently they feel they need to share with the world via social networking site).

But then I realize that they were just quoting song lyrics... or forgot to delete the "is" at the beginning of the post, making the sentence sound much more poetic and abstract than they meant it to... -_-

Does anyone else try to figure out what's happening with their friends' lives/mental states using their statuses? Or am I just a pseudo-stalker...

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"I see you girls checkin' out the front of my trunks, I see you girls lookin' at my junk then checkin' out my rump then back to my sugar lumps."

...It took me a little while to figure out that this one was also from a song. Needless to say in that time before the realization hit me, I was confused. And maybe a bit concerned. o_O

god i love that show!
Indeed, I realized that after googling it. I love them, but for some reason I had never heard that song... Of course the ONE song I don't know by them is the one that is applicable in everyday life.
Yeah, I don't attempt to psychoanalyze the emoish quotes though.

"My soul is a black river of ink!"

hmmm... okay?
Thanks for either letting me know you are seriously disturbed, or that you have a thirst for attention.
I do it maybe not to the psichoanalyze extent, but it does open the door for me to create stories in my mind about what maybe going on in that person's life
Yeah, I do that all the time. In the end I just put whatever they said into google and see if it's their actual words or song lyrics.
I hate it when people don't delete the "is" part, don't they proof read!

My status is "the cake is a lie".
U ish pulling teh jokez, rite?

That's my status too! That is a coincidence squared. O_O
really?! that is some freaky stuff... maybe it's a sign o_O
It must be. The gods of social networking must be trying to tell us something.

I'm a little disappointed, though. No one on Facebook seems to get the gaming/internet-meme reference I was making. T_T
Those loozerz.
Yeah, no one got mine either... it just shows that I need new friends :D
Yosh, I agree. Nerdfighting friends, preferably. *nodnod*

I have some good news though. A few hours ago I changed my status to say that my power level was over 9000, and someone already commented and understood my reference!

Oh, happy day. :D
I do it a lot. It's a bad habit.


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