OMG! MERLIN'S BEARD! I JUST GOT INTO POTTERMORE!!!!!!! i got up at 5:50am this morning and it worked!!! omg im so excited right now!!!!

so who else got in?? im just waiting for my e-owl right now ;)

oh and my username is FlightWalnut43 i thought it was cute lol :)

and i just heard that they're not sending the invitations until the magical quill thing is over and the it might take 2 weeks after that :(

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I GOT IN!!! I've been so busy I spaced on it earlier this week, but got in today!! so excited. My username is PhoenixFlame132, which i think is pretty awesome :)
I can't wait until they start letting people in! hope i don't have to wait too long :)

Aww, I didn't. :( I'm going to try tomorrow... *is sad*


I got in this morning, it opened around 7am PST (seems later each day maybe). The question was pretty easy too.



I'm just waiting for the welcome email. I validated my email and everything. I just want to see the actual site. It's torture waiting.
i heard that they'r enot sending the invitation emails until the magical quill thing is over and then it might take 2 weeks after that :(
i did! i got in the third day after staying up all night and getting no sleep. it will be worth it though.

Yup, I did the same thing xD

I was miserable at work though...

me  :D i waas sooo happy :D:D:D :D:D :')
I DID!!! Soooo excited! ThestralMagic39 <333
I got mine today! Rosecloak125 :D

I got in at 10:22 this morning (hahaha I slept!)  StormChaser91!!!!  I can't get rid of my excitement!

I JUST got in.  registration is still open. 


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