Who do you think is the best Doctor for
me it's David Tennant

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I just like David Tennant a lot... Matth Smith is brilliant but I just loved the whole lovestory around Ten and Rose and yeah, i don't know Ten is my doctor.

But I love Matt Smith for his potrait of the very old and very young at the same time.

My favourite is Eccelston probably followed by Baker, followed by Smith followed by Tennant.

Admittedly baker was my first doctor so I'm naturally biased.

The Doctor is my Doctor. :B

Or David Tennant I guess.

Oh this is a hard one, but probably Ten. Nine is a very, very close second. <3 

I say Matt Smith, but I really like all of the other too.

out of 9, 10 and 11 I'd have to say David Tennant... I love Matt Smith, but I feel like Tennant was a more complex character. As well as being funny, he also portrayed the darker side of him, showing him as a much deeper guy. Christopher Eccleston was really awesome, but after all that David Tennant, he's a bit forgettable.

I've only seen Smith, Tennant and some Eccleston, but I'd have to go with Tennant.

McCoy! Seriously though, David Tennant.

i think the doctors in the new series are more fun than the old ones

but the thing is Eccleston was dark and cold, he had been through some terrible times including being forced to commit a double genocide (or so he thought) he then becomes Tennant who was wonderful, brighter having had someone to be with rather than being alone, much more caring and forgiving than Eccleston and in my opinion a better doctor, now, Matt Smith, this series is BIG they've gone much wider and given themselves a lot more to play with and i think the best D.W. episode i have seen is a matt smith one, "the doctors wife" ( for anyone less well acquainted with the doctor) and i don't feel it would have been an appropriate story for tennant or eccleston. i think every doctor has stories that work and stories that don't and to ask who is better is an invalid question

Definitely David Tennant.  

I haven't seen all the doctors but my favorite is either david tennant or tom baker

The best doctor isclearly Richard E Grant, "Lick the mirror handsome" :P


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