Who do you think is the best Doctor for
me it's David Tennant

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Christopher Eccleston, definitely. But I think that they're all really good, anyway.

My favorites are Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. :)

Matt Smith is and will always be my favourite, but I really like Eccleston and Tom Baker. Tennant is pretty cool too, I suppose.

They're all so wonderful. In order to be sure, I would have to re-watch the past six seasons; however I think "my Doctor" would be the ninth Doctor, Christoper Eccleston. His season was at a real disadvantage technology and funding wise, but I really connected with that personality. 

On a side note, my favorite companions have been Rose, Donna, and Rory. What about everyone else?

Tom Baker 8)

Yeah either D.T or M.S I'm drawn between them cause I love matt's eccentricity, bow tie, fez and relationship with idris but I have to say that the plot lines for Matt were not nearly as good as the plots of D.T and I love David because of how deep he was, and the way he always acted like he had no plan and then as if the answer hit him on the face would almost completely change sending tingles down my spine every time! Anyway, that was a larger response than needed haha 

I think that each Doctor has his own level of awesome, it would be a crime to compare them.

I've only seen a few episodes of the classic series so I can't really say about them, but from the new series, has to be David Tennant. Particuarlly for the series, when it got to the year of specials, well let's just say I didn't like them at all :/

And with companions, I would have to say Rory :)

The Doctor is the Doctor and I love all of him. :D

(Having said that I really love Eccleston, Tennant, and McCoy. Haven't seen much of the others yet though.)

David for sure. I started watch Doctor Who when he was the doctor. He will always be my Doctor. I like Matt but he's no David.

I like Davit Tennant the most because he's happier than Christopher Eccleston but also less "Hollywood-y" than Matt Smith.

Hugh Laurie.

Sorry, someone had to say it. :B


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