We all know that the Disney heroes are great and everything, I'm not saying that the heroes are wimpy or inferior. It's just it seems like the villains have much more passion, better character design, and let's face it, better songs. (Example: Scar in Be Prepared)

So, who makes your top five Disney Villains?

Here's mine:

1. Scar
2. Hades
3. Ursula
5. Jafar

P.S. I know that Grammar Nerdfighters are going to get on my back about the title, but I'm Canadian and that's how we spell favoUrite. :P

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My top Five:

1 - Frollo

2 - Scar

3 - Mother Gothel (I know she's newer but I love)

4 - Malificent

5 - tie between Hades and Ursula

I can't even decide! I loved (excuse me, still love) Scar. I think the other villain I love most would have to be Captain Hook, like Jessemyn below me







I really need to watch some disney movies now...

In no particular order:

Scar: how can you miss him, just a beast!

Ursula: Very quite feisty and dripping with evilness

The Horned King: The Black Cauldron is the darkest disney movie, and the Horned King never fails to freak me out

Captain Hook: Such a cowardly bastard but brings a sort of class to the villain side

Madame Medusa: Sly, arrogant, demanding, has excellent sidekicks, what more can u ask for?



1. Ursula
2. Hades

3. Forte (from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas)

4. Frollo

5. Shere Khan

And if you allowed a 6th villain, Cruella De Vil is high up on my list too. :)

1) Gaston

2) Scar

3) Judge Frollo

4) Ursala

5) Jafar

My favorite is Ursula, but Frollo definitely has the best villain song.
My favorite villain is probably Jafar or Ursula but my favorite villain song is the reprise of Mother Knows Best by Mother Gothal(spelling?). However the 'most badass' villain song is a three way tie between Ursula, Scar, and Frollo.

1. Ratagan

2. Malificent

3. Scar/ Dr. Facilier

4. Ursula

5. Oogie Boogie

1. Dr. Facilier
2. Frollo
3. Scar
4. Chernabog (sp?)
5. Captain Hook


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