We all know that the Disney heroes are great and everything, I'm not saying that the heroes are wimpy or inferior. It's just it seems like the villains have much more passion, better character design, and let's face it, better songs. (Example: Scar in Be Prepared)

So, who makes your top five Disney Villains?

Here's mine:

1. Scar
2. Hades
3. Ursula
5. Jafar

P.S. I know that Grammar Nerdfighters are going to get on my back about the title, but I'm Canadian and that's how we spell favoUrite. :P

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2-Professor Ratigan

3-Governor Ratcliffe



I love Jafar. He's got to be my number 1.
Then probably Scar, Captain Hook, and then Yzma.

Ahaha, oh I love Yzma xD

1. Scar is the best by far. I adore him, he's like the scary/most respectable villain.

2. Queen (stepmom) in Snow White

3. Ursula

4. Jafar

5. Hades


(no real order)

1. Frollo



4.Oogie Boogie


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Top 5...





Queen from Snow White

Shan Yu


1. Scar!

2. Hades.

3. Shan Yu

4. Syndrome. If we're doing Disney-Pixar, too.

5. Jafar.


2.Captain Hook




1. Dr. Facilier

2. Cruella De Vil

3. Yzma

4. Scar

5. Oogie Boogie


I've always liked the villains more then the heroes in disney movies, so it was a hard choice D:

I think that maleficient is probably the best Disney villain! After 20 years, she still scares the hell out of me. 

Captain Hook
Dr. Drako and Sheego
Those aliens that try to capture stitch


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