Anything to do with Harry Potter,  Lord of the Rings, even animated characters.



Mine would probably be Legolas/Orlando Bloom, the Weasley Twins/James and Oliver Phelps, Prince Caspian/Ben Barnes and Peeta from the Hunger Games.


So what's yours?

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Would Margo Roth Spiegelman be considered a geeky/nerdy crush? If not, then Luna Lovegood :D

M.P.S. counts. 10 points to Gryffindor!

Mine would be Captain Jack Sparrow, if that's geeky enough XD

The Tenth Doctor. He's like twice my age but I still love him. Oh and Draco Malfoy. Not the JK Rowling Malfoy, but the Draco Trilogy fan fic Malfoy hahaha. <33

You're around 450 years old!?!?
This comment <3

prince zuko, in the animated tv show NOT in the movie. awesome points go out to all who know who he is. and if not prince zuko than probably the weasley twins

i would undoubtly have to agree with you on the Zuko part :D


...and maybe Aang when he had the hair..? hmmm... =P

Pssh. You guys are way off, Toph is where it's at.
I willingly accept the awesome points. XD
Avatar is amazing!

Let's see...Neville Longbottom, Aragorn, Charlie Pace (from Lost), and Desmond Hume (also from Lost). :-)

Charlie Pace...Yes!!! And I'd never thought about it 'til now, but yeah..I definitely strangely have a crush on Desmond!! :P



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