That you're a nerd. Have you told your family? Your friends?

Do they care? Are there more in your area? How has coming to this site help and/or change your life? And most importantly...

Are you proud to be nerd for life? Because you and I know this is not something you will not grow out of. No matter how many books they write. You know you are a nerdfighter. Don't ever forget to be AWESOME.

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My parents don't really get it, so I don't talk about it at home. My friends know I'm a nerd, but not about nerdfighters, because they think it's strange.
So, ya know, I'm all on my lonesome =(
My family knows, but they don't approve. Ah well.
Only two of my friends are nerdfighters. All the rest think I'm crazy.
I don't care much... And this site didn't change too much- the Greens' videos did, though. They gave me a bit more pride in being different.
We're totally in the same boat! Although, I have no nerdfighter friends...
Woo for being different, and doing things that are not approved by our parents!!!

I feel...... rebellious ^_^
Ahaha! Yeah, my mom isn't too happy. Specially when I started looking up past dictators because I wanted to know who would be in the EBO.
"WHY are you looking up Hitler?"
"Um... cause I want to? It's a nerd thing."
"..." *glare*
I don't get how "nerds are the leftovers of society." What does your sister mean by that? Just curious.
My family and all my friends and plenty of people who aren't my friends know I'm a nerd.
My dad's nickname for me is Robinerd.
My whole family is full of nerds and they admit it and are proud of it (edit: that includes most of my extended family. I LOVE family gatherings. Last time I was at one people kept seeing my cousin's boyfriend and going "OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK LIKE TORY FROM MYTHBUSTERS!").
I've converted at least six of my friends into Nerdfighters.

My family knows, but they don't care either way. I have converted one friend to nerdfighteria, but she's the only IRL nerdfighter friend. As for people knowing I'm a nerd... everyone know that. I have a shirt that advertises it.

The site really hasn't changed my life at all. My Ningmastership might be the only thing that you would consider changing but not really. It's just a fun place to hang out.

Of course I'm proud to be a nerd. What kind of question is that? Admittedly, I do have my insecure moments, but for the most part I'm proud of it and let everyone know it.
No the Ning has not changed my life. I come here for the occasional interesting thread in a sea of Harry Potter and canonical threads like this one. That and the ideological sylings of QuantumTuba.
I assume my mum knows but my friends don't. They see a nerd as someone who sits up the front in all classes and goes to the library at lunch to study everyday, and I don't do that so much. The ning HAS changed my life because I finally have a place to talk about things I like talking about and everyone is so nice, accepting and generally open minded.
My parents don't care really, they are happy I'm happy.

My friends are like, "WTF??" whenever I mention this sort of Nerdfighter stuff. I'm sick of explaining it all to them, so I don't bother anymore.

Damn, I am proud to be a Nerdfighter. I mean, come on, this HAS to be the ultimate awesome. Really.
My mom knows I'm a nerdfighter. One of my friends know. That's about it. I've always been a nerdy kind of person--Batman fan, Star Wars watcher, smart kid in school--so it's not really unknown.
I simply can't hide it, my family is well aware of it and the older friends too, I don't know how much of my nerdy sides my new friends have seen yet though.


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