For me, I would have to say Amber Tamblyn.

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Technically, it's not 'turn' gay, but still:
Yes, Helena Bonham Carter would be IT :D
Jasmine You

Yes, that IS a guy x)
Your username reminds me,

gotta add William Shatner to my list.

Oh, and wow, that's a guy?
He´s gorgeous!
I've met him, Almost told him "I love you!!" xD
His hands are insanely smooth :o
THAT is a sexy transvestite
Noooooooo, not at all!!!

It would be if you ever managed it.
Hayley Williams from Paramore.

for deffo xD
Uh, this might strike people as incredibly creepy, but I would go gay for Kakashi.

I really don't know why-he's just really awesome.
keira knightley. i definitely have had a girl-crush on her since Bend It Like Beckham. LOL
maybe gillian murphy.


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