Hi! So do any of you remember books that you loved from when you were a kid but for the life of you cannot remember who wrote it or what it was called, thus disabling you from googling it easily?


I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread where we could post descriptions of the books we semi-remember and other nerdfighters could possibly help identify them.


The book I'm thinking of? It's a book appropriate for elementary school kids (not a picture book), it's science fiction/ fantasy and it's about these two friends who go to an arcade to play a new virtual reality video game. They find out that they are stuck in the game and if they die there, they will really die. They kill a giant fly, some giant tarantulas and snakes and I'm pretty sure that somewhere in there, there was an electric floor (?). It was short. I was like eight or nine when I read it and I was able to read it in like an hour and a half.


Any help?

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Could be Dangerous Reality by Malorie Blackman. 

Can anyone help me think of the titles of these children's picture books I remember reading?

One was about a pig and I think he had a neighbor who was a llama. In one book I'm pretty sure he had to make a bust/sculpture of her head. I can't remember the name, it was a short series.

There was another short picture book series about a boy, I think his name was Henry, and his dad and dog. I think his dog was kind of big. In one book it was raining outside or something so they had to think of something to do because they were bored. They kept almost falling asleep, and made a cardboard house by the end. In another one they were chasing a wild goose.

I'm not really sure about any of the details, I only vaguely remember these books. I read them in second grade I believe, and they were short enough to read in on sitting. I think they were hard cover, but I don't know if that matters. They had lots of pictures in them. If anyone could help me that would be great, thanks. :)


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