Loads of poeple in Hollyoaks are really annoying me lately. The Silas thing is just getting old and frustrating, but every episode I wish that he would just kill Texas already, Mercedes is getting on my nerves so much and I could go on but I like my laptop and don't want to break the window. So who is annoying you in Hollyoaks or any other tv show, film or just in general?

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i only have a passing understanding of this show, but i have been thinking on the subject of soaps in general of late.

soaps are in many ways the late 20th century version of the melodrama...with the slight inversion of sometimes changing villain(s) in new seasons/story arcs.  this works for some, as (particularly in adolescence) in a given moment things can seem like they couldn't be any better/worse... or like the world is going to end.  exaggeration also lets subjects that people are concerned about (in the public forum) be discussed.  for example, it's my understanding there are/have been several gay/lesbian/bi...or at least questioning characters on Hollyoaks. 

let's focus on the first part though.  maybe you're growing out of this, as i said, very teen way of seeing your problems.  you did say you watch Neighbors and enjoy Glee though.  maybe it's the characters/actors or the specific story arcs going right now...  just some thoughts.


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