I had a thought this morning, around 4-ish, and it got me thinking, Why do we do things at all? Why do we go to school for more than 18 years? Why do we get up in the mornings? Why do we work and toil for pieces of cotton and paper to be added to an account that is just a number, why do we have to get those slips of cotton- paper? Is there a form of monetary benefit? Is money actually necessary for everyday survival? 

My own personal thoughts are that we do these things because if we don't, nobody will, society will plateau and eventually collapse, money is not necessary for survival, but that is what it seems to be.

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You sound like me, stay up far to late (or early) and debate the meaning of life.


We are Nerdfighters. We get up and do what we do to lessen World Suck, whether it is for us, one person, or the greater population. School gives us opportunity to lessen World Suck. That is one way to look at it. It is how I get through my days of Far to busy and a Huge LACK of motivation to get done what needs to get done, becuase  I am so tired becuase I do everything I do. I had a mentor in highschool (lord that makes me sound old) and he would always tell me I had my dance card full. So you know what I do... I keep dancing, untill I can get my dance card free so I can do what I want and hopefully help some one... one day.


I thank you for your very interesting response, and I am very pleased to know that there is another like me on the rock that supports life (which, will hopefully expand to another rock, so people have a greater chance of survival when the universe hurtles a different giant rock to destroy the first one.) And, what is a Dance card?

Hahahaha! A dance card... My old boss I worked for back home (I am away at college) often told my "my dance card was full" which meant I was so busy I didn't have room to do anything else. Way back when at balls and big fancy dances and such, people had dance cards for which they put names down for dances with other people. I am not really sure how that whole thing worked but if you had a name on your card then you had to dance with that person and not someone else.


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