okay im a new additon to nerdfighters and ive thought omg this world is shuning people for being different. idk how this works though it would be awsome if it stopped wouldnt it?

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Whoa, when did I actually even mention the word sin? I'm going to assume you're a bit religious. What dictionary are you reading? Because after a quick google search this is what I got.

1. Sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.
2. Sexual activity with another of the same sex.
What I'M trying to say is that homosexuality is'nt a thing you can view as moral or immoral thing. It's a fact, not an opinion or point of view. It's like arguing about whether it's moral that your pen probably will fall to the ground when you drop it.

The belief that homosexuality is immoral is normally religiously motivated so its safe to assume that the word sin is appropriate for such contexts. I'm an atheist however. 


Merriam-Webster as well as a few others. I'd provide links but website addresses aren't appearing in my browser for some reason. 


Murder is a fact of life too when you consider the fact that people with various mental disorders are highly likely to commit it, the idea that just because something occurs naturally it has to exist outside of morality is nonsensical. I will say it again just to be safe, I don't think homosexuality is immoral. However whether or not you find something to be moral or immoral is not a matter of education (unless you count brainwashing), such thinking is only arrogant. 

The very, very important thing here is that homosexual is something you ARE. You can't choose it. Just like you can't choose to be black, or white, or left-handed.

Murder is something you DO. It's a choice.

However, murder causes harm to people, while homosexual love causes no direct harm. Surprising, really, coming from the religion of "Love your neighbor" and all that good stuff (I don't mean you, or all Christians/Catholics, by the way).

Nobody said "homosexuality is an opinion" in this thread.  

Michael Lee said that believing homosexuality is good or bad is an opinion.  And I don't want to make assumptions, but his comments seem to imply that he doesn't think it's "sooo bad to love someone of the same gender." 

Religion. There is pretty much no other reason. Not to attack religion, I'm just saying, most homophobes are religiously motivated. *sigh*
There are a lot of religiously motivated people, to use your term, who aren't homophobic.  Just so you know.
Yes, by all means.
I know, I hate it when peopeopple are hommopphobomophobobibopbbic, I just think that homophobobiboppibia is just wrong! I wish all the homophhobiobophobes would just disappissappear!
Some people raised thinking heterosexuality is the only proper option. They don't really care much about th issue, until they start having homosexual thoughts. They then don't want to be agaInst their own belief system, so they attack the thing they are afraid of. Homosexual homophones. I think it's hilariously ironic that they exist.
Ignant peoples thaats why.


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