I noticed someone in the 'virginity' board bring this up and wanted to go into more depth with it. Why wait until marriage to have sex? Are you waiting? Why?

What if your partner ends up having a small banana or premature
ejaculation? Will that not bother you? Because surely it would bother

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Shit yeah. I don't need to rely on 'words' or even 'numbers' to know what she wants. Women understand me, and I understand them, and I know what they want just by looking at them. I can assure you, regardless of who the police say was in the wrong, she meant yes. Despite this I still have to introduce myself to all my new neighbors every time I move. Ain't life a bitch?
You're kidding right? I just need to make sure, sarcasm is so hard to detect online.
Come over to my apartment, and I'll explain the joke to you over some drinks ;D

Kenny, she was asking me. She can come over to my place and I'll explain the *ahem* "joke" to her. 


Is it just me or do you look kind of young? Nevermind, just come in through the back and don't let anyone see you. 

She looks about 13.  I'm just waiting for Chris Hanson to show up...

I think you mean Hansen.  Otherwise, prepare to be mmbopped:

He's watching!

I know what you mean, I was half expecting to be arrested the instant I posted that.

It all depends on what sex means for that person. People wait to have sex because they feel either it is a sacred act creation or that waiting won't rush a wedding. Waiting also prevents people from being on shows like 16 and pregnant (most types of birth control can do the same thing if used properly).


This next part is kind of dirty so if you don't like dirty or sex skip this next paragraph.


The size and quickness of your lover would be arbitrary. The most sensitive parts on a female's body are extremely small and do not require a large banana to properly stimulate them. I have friends whose girlfriends prefer them to use their fingers instead because they are too big to get the job done. Also being premature shouldn't bother you. In fact you should take it as a compliment. Being premature can happen for many reasons. One cause is that the pleasure is more intense for him than it is for which is why you should take it as a compliment toward your sexual abilities.


I am not a virgin. I choose to act the way I do. I view sex as a way to connect to your partner on a more personal level than just talking. Sex is way more intimate and can be romantic if done right.

I think the logic behind the rule is that the problem with being "ready" is that its subjective. The heart is decitful above all things, and you may will yourself into being ready, when really your not. And the logic is that if you're ready to commit to someone for life, you must be ready.

Fair enough.


Regardless, I'd argue that it's a matter of risk/benefit.


The risk being pregnancy, STD's, et cetera. The benefit being growing close to a person and potentially becoming life-mates to each other. With the right precautions, both are unlikely.

You should not wait until marriage to have your first sexual experience. That's wrong in so many way. But of course, you have to be mature enough to have sex.


Science disagrees with you.


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