SpaceX docking with the ISS,  a guy called BTE-Dan claiming we can buildThe Enterprise,  Voyager1 rapidly reaching the interstellar medium,  talks about Skylon, the SLS, hotels in orbit and even life on Mars.  What can I say:  awesome.

I thought it might be nice to look up some girl-power in space exploration.  Here's what I've found so far:

First woman in space, ever:  

Valentina Tereshkova was just 26 years old, and a former factory worker, when she launched into space on the Vostov 6 in 16 June 1963.  FYI, that's a full 11 years before the ground-breaking feminist work The Female Eunuch was published. It's also six years before Neil Armstrong awesomely stepped foot on the moon.  My mother wasn't even at school yet when this happened.

First white American woman in space, ever: 

Sally Ride was 32 years old, and then the youngest American in space, and a physicist (who answered an advertisement in the paper to join NASA and invented the shuttle's robotic arm) who entered space on the famous Challenger shuttle in 1983.  I was still in nappies when this happened.

First black (and American) woman in space, ever:

Mae Jemison was 36 years old, medical doctor of many talents, who entered space on the shuttle Endeavour in September 12, 1992.   She is, to date, the only real astronaut to have appeared on Star Trek and has recieved a whopping nine honorary doctorates.  When she went into space, I was still in primary school.

I'd just thought I'd put some of the firsts out here for the girls.  We've been in space for 50 years come next June, ladies.  That's awesome.

I hope to see you all on The Enterprise in 20 years.  Maybe her first pilot will be Janeway and not Kirk.  Now, that would a nice twist in the plot.  Maybe that pilot will be you!

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Janeway is hot. I'd follow her. It is the only way. We have to have men and women.

I'm more into Chekotay.

But yeah....a female Captain on the maiden voyage of the real life Enterpise.  I am SOOOOO there!

Me too brother.

For a while I've dreamed about being the first person on Mars. Not only would I be the first person, I would be the first woman on Mars, I'd be in textbooks and be a role model for little girls who dream big.

Maybe in another universe...

Not in another universe.

In this one!   The opportunity is still there.  Go for it!


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