I'm wondering if there are any NerdFighters who remember at least part of the '80s out there? I imagine there are other teachers, librarians, and others who are committed to reducing world suck (other than the now 29- and 31-year old Hank & John). I don't feel too geriatric, but I am a little curious!

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I'm nearly 29, but I grew up a small town, so I didn't really experience the 80s like other people did. I had no idea Transformers & He-man & Care Bears were cartoons, I thought they were just toys.
any 30+ NF out there?
I remember the eighties well. And the seventies. And... you know... the sixties... :)
I'm a 30 year old teacher :)
I love how there are two threads in the three most recent threads which both deal with the same exact question.

You old folks must be losing your eyesight?
My childhood was the eighties. From Five to Fifteen years of age. I remember the Good things like to yearly vacations to Chicago, the Cartoons, The fall of the Berlin wall. I also remember the bad things like Chernobyl, the
challenger disaster and the tail end of the Cold war(The TV Movie The Day After.)
I'm eighteen, but as far as I observed, the average age of nerdfighters is about fifteen and a half.
For you older nerdfighters: I totally understand the need for some of us older nerdfighters to be able to know who each other are, and since you can't search by age on this site, I formed a group. It's called 20Plus. You can go to or simply click on the name of the group to check it out, if you're interested. Keep in mind, I JUST made it, so there's not really much going on
I'm 15. XD
I'm 28, so I remember some of the 80's. Ahhh...Back to the Future, He-Man, Thundercats, Bravestar, Silverhawks...brings back good memories.


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