Greetings Nerdfighters! I am asking for a little help with a project. Please come up with a completely and totally random sentence and post it here. I wish to create one of the worlds largest databases of random sentences (yeah I just watched the video again. What are you gonna do about it?) and I can think of no better place to get random awesomeness than Nerdfighteria.

Thank you and DFTBA!

ps. Please feel free to come up with more than one.

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Take the pumpkin.
Therefore, the monkey in question must be removed.
What could be better than a cat on roller skates?
That gorilla is staring at me.
And now I'm pregnant... thanks mum...


Just kick it over and be all like, what?
Where did my mouse go?
He laughed in the face of evil
That is so true!

There are purple warts on the wall.

Are people gonna read this?

Cryings only for people who sob.

Confucius Sais.

Do not read this. 


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