recently Aaron started a forum called greatest video game weapons ever .
but what are the worst?
any ideas? please tell me about what you think.

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I thought snarks were pretty useless on Half-Life one.
Admittedly, the Battle Rifle in Halo 2 was meh. Much better in Halo 3.
Also, the Magnum pistol in Halo 2 and 3. Sucks. But that's just me.
i also think the m90 shotgun from (halo 2), is a rather unimpressive weapon.
it's an 8 gauge 12 round gun, it should be at least a 12 gauge 8 round gun,
as a shotgun it should give a feeling of immence power,
and cause huge damage, instead it focuses too much on ammo.

the plasma pistol is also quite underwhelming.
The shotgun was just fine. You just need to use it tactically and up close. If you're not close enough to shoot and then hit them with the butt of the gun, then switch to a different weapon and shoot them in the face. Either way is death.

The plasma pistol is only good for one thing, and that is to charge it up and destroy the other person's shield. Pair it with a battle rifle or a magnum shot to the head and death.
It just doesn't have enough power,in my opinion.
And I would never use a Shotgun at long range.
I thaught the Battle Rifle was good though.
The battle rifle wasn't meh. 3 head shots and the other person is dead. You just have to be good with it.
THe Magnum pistol does blow.
The Bomb Legion in Chaos Legion.

Seriously, they cost too much to upgrade and ended just wasting your Soul meter.
The legendary axe from donating to the temple of light in Fable 2 is terrible. Also many weapons in Fallout 3 suck major, its better just to use the chinese assault rifle. (f.e. plasma rifle/gun, most special weapons, anything melee or close ranged)
The pistol, and you know what I'm talking about because every game has it and nobody likes to use it.

On top of that I never liked the Sentinel from 007 Nightfire, because it sucked all the fun out of the game. Matches always dissolved into endless bought of guided missiles.
The magnum from Fallout 3.
Magnums are supposed to be sweet. This one didn't do shit.
The fireflower from Super Mario Land was made of fail, at least until you got to a level that isn't out in the open. It was semi-useful shootig some flying badguys, or for getting some gold coins that you're too lazy to jump up and touch, but otherwise, it was too goddamn frustrating for words: it would just sort of bounce up-down, up-down until it disappeared from the screen.

And the only weapon from Kabuki Quantum Fighter was hair. Like, your character would have to hit his enemies with his (luscious) long hair. THAT got old pretty fast.


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