Right on the chat a while ago I came up with an idea for a charity thing based on something Id like to do.

Basicly its a group of nerd fighters say 10 or 20 walking around America, camping out where needed, doing charity work in towns etc with the aid of other nerd fighters. There could be the oppertunity to see sights and meet a greater no of nerd fighters. I probably couldnt do it due to lack of money and living in a diffrent country but would others be willing to take up the torch and do it?

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Oh aye with luck it will be. And there is my hopes of having a lind of hobo vlog for every for the trip you know.
I'll be sure to check it out :)
That sounds awwesome. I'm too young for that kind of stuf, but if people did it and it was a sucess, then maybe like an organization could be started up, to make it official. Then it'd be possibly a little more easy to organize
That would be so amazing. But well have to learn to crawl first.

wow this sounds cool, I wonder if the american government would accept "bumming around the usa with nerdfighters to decrease world suck" on a visa application

We could just ask ya know.
Just say you're a Hank Green Groupie. I happen to know that's accepted on visa applications the world over. ;^)
Good to know, good to know. Howd you find out about this laddie?
We don't ask these kinds of questions, if we know what's good for us. *stares*
Fair enough. What are the rules for getting into America like do you know?

*is disappointed*

...We don't ask these kinds of questions....

*asks no questions just implies the asking of*


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