Right on the chat a while ago I came up with an idea for a charity thing based on something Id like to do.

Basicly its a group of nerd fighters say 10 or 20 walking around America, camping out where needed, doing charity work in towns etc with the aid of other nerd fighters. There could be the oppertunity to see sights and meet a greater no of nerd fighters. I probably couldnt do it due to lack of money and living in a diffrent country but would others be willing to take up the torch and do it?

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Get enough people and its entierly feasable.
Totally. With a reliable network of very generous Nerdfighterly couchsurfers, we could totally make this happen.

I'm quite excited!
Id love to see it work, itd win.
I just made a group about this, to help us get the ball rolling in hopefully a more focused way.

It's called Nomadic Awesome. Other, better name suggestions are welcome. It was the catchiest thing I could come up with at the moment. :^P
HEWS was a good one man. Its at the start of the topic.
Yeah, I saw HEWS. :^P

Meh. I'm not that fond of HEWS. I like it when a name means something or sounds schnazzy, and "HEWS", while it does *stand* for something, doesn't sound like it means much, and it's just kind of blah to my ears. :^P

Yeah, something catchy, that might mean something to the outside world, would be nice....
Well find a better name. But well stick with what we have at the moment eh?
Aww, this sounds great. And definitely fun.
Alas, I am underage, penniless and live in England
I live in Ireland. Im just trying to get the ball rolling, if I can make it for a few weeks or something Id be a happy bunny.
I'd be alright if I could do that too, but on account of being 15, I highly doubt that this would happen - unless my family won the lottery, let me drop out of school for a bit and allowed me to go to America on my own to meet up with a bunch of people I'd never met...
So fingers crossed :P
Well the money thing is a problem for me to. A few weeks in the summer or something while its on you dont have to be there for the whole thing.
Yeah, there's still the parents not letting me travel to another continant to meet people I've never met issue.
I guess I'll just sit back and watch.. Maybe I can get involved in a couple of years if it's still running :)


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