these are really fun.

so here are the rules: 

  • I will start off with a simple "would you rather?" question, and the first commenter will answer. 
  • After they answer, at the bottom of their comment they will have a "would you rather?" question for the next person.
  • It will pretty much go on from there. 

here's the question:

Would you rather be part of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? 


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The Beatles

would you rather live in the lord of the rings world or the harry potter world?

lord of the rings
would you rather fight 1 t rex sized duck or fifty duck sized trexes

fifty duck sized trexes

Would you rather meet Tesla or beat up Edison?

Meet Tesla

Would you rather eat chicken every day for the rest of your life or give up chocolate entirely?

give up chocolatte entirely

would you rather lose sight or be deaf?

lose sight

would you rather sing every time you talk or dance every time you walk?

dance every time I walk

would you rather be disappointed by someone or disappoint someone yourself? [I did not mean for that to be so depressing]

Be disappointed by someone. Neither is good, but at least then you don't really have that gnawing sense of guilt and regret.

Would you rather meet Hank, or meet John?


Would you rather kiss a toad or lick a duck?

Lick a duck!

Would you rather have a jedi's power or a sith's power?

Jedi powers

Would you rather Captain the enterprise (next gen) or be in SG1


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