But... I want to read it ^^)
So it's time to dig around in your drawers or files, I wanna read everything you've ever written! (Well, that is a slightly exaggerated but I bet you guys are clever enough to not take it literally)
But really, it can be something you wrote yesterday, it can be something you wrote when you were 7, just WRITE.

(Poetry, Short Stories, A chapter of something, A song, Or just some thoughts scrabbled down. No worries if it's just a sentence.)

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lol they may be classic.. but they're evil. they scare me almost as much as milk does.

yeah i guess you could compare it to that, but i stand by my theory haha.
Midnight’s Lights

Midnight’s lights,
Words take flight,
Across the ocean,
In perfect motion.
A glance, a look,
A secret book,
A lock,
A clock,
An old, dirty mop.
Everything’s possible, but only a few true,
It’s Midnight Light’s time, so go get a clue.

A poem by my sister :)
Oh, I'm so terribly pissed. I've recently (to my regret) converted to Facebook and I was tagged to this endlessly long Q&A game. So the last HOURS I've sat, writing down small clever answers and stuff.. Then, I have 3 questions left... and I accidentally deleted everything. I'm so pissed I wanna hurt someone badly.
Anyhoodle, since it's you know 4:52 am here and I can't see a thing except the computer screen and my fingers, when I got the question "How is the weather right now?" I made up this short poem;

How can I know what weather it is when the shadow of night is in the way?
How can I see if it's cloudy or clear when the sun will not share a single ray?
How can I hear the raindrops falling when the night deafens me with its silence?
Ask me what weather it is in the morning, when dawn has killed night with its violence.
He stumbles as the night
throws gusts of wind at him
trying to bowl him over

He throws his bottle of
at nothing in particular

Trying to feel for once
Trying to see for once
What might have been
If he had said those three words


I just made that up in two seconds =]
That was really beautiful ^^)
Oh, thank you. :]
I can... give you a recent roleplay post of mine! ^^ Lol.

There will probably be a few confusing things, seeing as you can't see the other people's posts... but they can stand for the most part by themselves, especially the first post. ^^

Lol. Anyways. It's probably a bit long, but I hope you enjoy reading it.
And yes, sappiness. xD There is a lot of it.


She had never really felt like this, before.

The waves rolled up the beach softly, slithering up until momentum would fail and gravity would pull it back to sea. There would be small crashes as another small wave would come up and try to reach whatever it was waves reached for. Alas, under the moonlight of a foolish summer's night, it would recede and try again. A raven haired girl sat against the dock, letting the very same moonlight dance on her skin, setting the pale pigment to ice.

He would be beside her in the damp night air, underneath the dock. Never before had she felt so safe, so at home. Her heart was nestled within the core of his being, his within hers, and she would hold onto it like it was the only thing of use on the planet.

It was almost like it was.

"Maybe we'll see eachother again," he buried his head into her side, breathing her in, holding her waist, her entire body, against his. His skin was warm and the air was warm, even the moon gave off a sense an inner happiness that made Soryprie smile. She held his head to her chest as seagulls flapped their wings above, the waves kept on reaching up towards shore. She would close her eyes and hold him as close as she could. They were one, without even trying.

"We will."

Time slowed as he kissed her shoulder, "I know."

Soryprie opened her eyes slowly, her vision coming into focus. She could be found on her side, nestled comfortably within the mattress, holding on tight to the same comforter she held onto the last time she was here. Slowly, her memory would come back from the event that happened before she passed out. They would come back in a flood that washed over her, but she closed her eyes, took a breath, and would not get up. She could feel the sunshine warm her skin through the blanket, but she knew that the cold dry air clung to the window-panes not far way. She also knew that a certain couple of people were behind her. Yes, she had her back to them, but she did not mind. They would not talk to her anyways. She knew they wouldn't.

She rubbed her burning red cheek into the pillow, sinking into it deep. She took another breath of air, filling her nose with the smell of the familiar lavender detergent that her pillow smelled like last time. She was glad that the only thing she would have to worry about for now would be the bruises on her back and the pain in her shoulder. There wasn't much else wrong at the moment. Her splinters were gone, her anger was controlled, her body was tired. That was all, and would be for what Soryprie hoped would be a while.

She would not sit up, for there was nobody to sit up for. She would not talk for there was nobody that would talk back. She would merely lie there, because to everybody else, at the moment, Soryprie was asleep. If someone were to walk into the room, she would close her eyes. If someone were to tug on her sheets she would not move. She did not want to be awake and in harms way anymore. She just wanted to be asleep. Asleep and dreaming again.

She heard Kain's voice behind her, but she did not move. She would listen to the answer, too, considering they were most likely the same thing. Either way, once she did say it (a few hours? It felt like days...) Soryprie would shift her shoulder and slowly move so that she was more belly down on the bed. From there, she would breath deep until the quiet, ever distancing whispers from Callisto and Kain found her eyes drifting closed again. This would take a few moments, but until then, she made a lullaby out of it. It soothed her mind and the pang hiding behind her eyes...

She did not want to think about it, or feel about it. She would be honest to herself for the first time in a while, just before a dream would glaze her eyes:

It saddened her. There was no ifs, ands, or buts about it; whether she had the ability to change it or not.

"Have you ever seen the man on the moon?" a raven-haired girl asked a yellow-eyed boy.

"I'd like to be friends with him too. Do you think he's lonely up there?"


(The post afterwards, which continues the dream)

This boy, of whom the girl had just met, just sat down with, just played with, looked up at the sky an began to float. She reached up, her short arms black against the stark white moon and it's light. She could see her breath float up into the air and follow him upwards... The boy wanted to go to the moon? This was perplexing; she could not imagine being as lonely as the man on the moon.


The emerald-eyed girl jumped up in hopes of reaching him to pull him back down. Upon reaching the ground and failing, she would do the same, then repeat it until it worked. She would not quit on trying to get the goofy boy back.

"You don't have to!" She reached up desperately, begging for him to listen, "I want to be with you! I want to go!"

Soryprie specifically remembered friends forever, and she meant forever when she smiled at him and told him she did. She did not want the boy to be sad, because the girl had felt so sad before. Crying out, she realized she'd just about do anything to have him back on the ground with her, or her floating around in the sky with him. She did not want him to be so alone.

She did not want to be alone, either.

Tears poured from her eyes as the world grew black beneath her. Around her would be creatures, black in color, that would whisper things in her ears and ask her to come and play; they would tell her that it was okay if he left to be alone, that they could be friends and keep her company. The girl didn't want this, though. She wanted the yellow-eyed boy, she wanted to show him the joy of living a life with someone. She wanted to wrap her arms around his again, hold him so close like nothing else in the world mattered. She wanted to to protect him from his loneliness... just like he did for her, just by asking to be friends forever.


It seemed the girl was growing up, as well.

Soryprie began to rustle on the bed in her sleep. Nothing escaped from her mouth, no words or incoherent mumbles. All she did was move her head to the other side of the pillow and switch her weight from one side to the other. She was facing Kain and Callisto now. If Callisto cared to look, she would see strain on Soryprie's face, in her closed eyes.
Madeline had no problems with the fact that her best friend was dead. She had no problems with the fact that she knew who did it. She had no problems with the incessant voices in the back of her mind. She had no problems with any of it... until now.

Chapter One
Jaseline was officially famous. Everyone in the city knew her and loved her. Everyone except one person. That person would be the one to end it all on the night of her 16th birthday party. I am Jaseline's best friend. My name is Madline and I know how everything happened. This information is treacherous to everyone around me so it will only be released to the investigators.

Okay, I admit it, Jaseline and I were slightly exclusive. We kept to our group of friends and didn't associate much with anyone else. We live on a maritime key just off the coast of Miami. I started to drive us to and from school the day I got my liscence.
It is important you understand that the bridge that leads to our houses is about two miles long and fifty feet high. Our houses are the only two on the island. The mainland end of the bridge is covered in derisive vandalism, but when you get to our side you are greeted by a wrought iron gate with the letters "B" and "G". The "B" is for my last name, Baldwin. The "G" is for hers, Grenth.
To get in the gates you have to know the code and even if you did it is extremely hard to maneuver between the pillars. I refuse to give you a vivid description of our houses because something like this might happen again. Let's just say our houses are huge, white, and very expensive to maintain ourselves.
I am going to start my story about a few months back. On June 23 Jaseline began to recieve some really strange phone calls. We were in the car when it happened. "Hello," she said politely into the phone.
"You do not deserve what you have and I am going to take it all away one day!" the voice on the other end ranted.
"I have no idea what you are talking about!" she screamed as I screeched to a halt on the middle of the bridge.
"Who's on the phone?" I asked, urgency in my voice.
"I have no idea," she replied.
"ASK!" I shouted. She was being stupid. You had to admit it.
"Who is this?" she inquired in her best angel voice. The line went dead.
This was the beginning. I wasn't sure how it was going to end then. Who would have thought our bridge would burn?

i had to write something for my language arts class.
That's good. Of course the picture of two big white expensive houses makes me a bit pissed but that's just fully normal Jealousy ^^D

I love your picture by the way. Pon & Zi are so adorable.
thanks :)
I like how formal your wording is. It fits well with the mystery, as if you weren't telling the story, but a stoic private investigator is relaying the information in a no-nonsense way. It's good!
thank you :)


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