But... I want to read it ^^)
So it's time to dig around in your drawers or files, I wanna read everything you've ever written! (Well, that is a slightly exaggerated but I bet you guys are clever enough to not take it literally)
But really, it can be something you wrote yesterday, it can be something you wrote when you were 7, just WRITE.

(Poetry, Short Stories, A chapter of something, A song, Or just some thoughts scrabbled down. No worries if it's just a sentence.)

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Brilliant xD What kind of creature is Kay'd?
JOkes! I'd really like to read it.
Yeah, I know the feeling ^^)
It's sorta long, but it's my (unfinished) take on Romeo and Juliet. It would mean a lot to me if a couple of people could maybe read it? I guess I'll try. xD
I wrote this freshman year of high school. It was originally one of those poems where people write a bunch of random words on the wall and then you have to use them all in a poem but i edited it.


I hate to be the one to burst your patriotic bubble
But we’ve been putting up this façade
Of superiority and “generosity”
When all we’ve really been doing
Is soaking up in our self pity and
With the new, old and
Final Testament floating around
Who knows which one is real
If any are real
Or if they’re all products of someone’s
Overactive imagination
Are we all living in a fantasy world gone awry?
Is it really our duty
Our initiative
Or are we merely invaders
Outcasts on our own planet
We learn about the Holocaust so that
It will never happen again
Yet there are genocides happening all over the world
And we do nothing
Nothing but watch the news mindlessly every night
Maybe donate a few dollars here or there to ease our conscience
We feel the need to make every government like our own
Even when we know that ours is flawed
The president represents our country
But the president lies
Cheats his way into a war with false excuses
He is only consistent in his inconsistency
We act all brave
But at the first sign of trouble
Our legs turn to jello
And try as we might
And we believe that we try
Running away and hiding is impossible
So instead of helping, reaching out
We just stand there
Watching as destruction happens all around us
i looked through this journal that i write my random thoughts down in, and this is something i wrote in it a while ago:

i don't care what ANYONE says, monarch butterflies ARE going to take over the earth and enslave us all.

kinda random, but it's a theory i've had since i was about 8 or 9ish when i found out that monarch butterflies are protected by the government
Hmm it's an interesting theory.
They're like the classic butterfly, though!
That's like saying mockingbirds are going to take over the earth... because it's a sin to kill them. ;]
lol they may be classic.. but they're evil. they scare me almost as much as milk does.

yeah i guess you could compare it to that, but i stand by my theory haha.
Midnight’s Lights

Midnight’s lights,
Words take flight,
Across the ocean,
In perfect motion.
A glance, a look,
A secret book,
A lock,
A clock,
An old, dirty mop.
Everything’s possible, but only a few true,
It’s Midnight Light’s time, so go get a clue.

A poem by my sister :)
Oh, I'm so terribly pissed. I've recently (to my regret) converted to Facebook and I was tagged to this endlessly long Q&A game. So the last HOURS I've sat, writing down small clever answers and stuff.. Then, I have 3 questions left... and I accidentally deleted everything. I'm so pissed I wanna hurt someone badly.
Anyhoodle, since it's you know 4:52 am here and I can't see a thing except the computer screen and my fingers, when I got the question "How is the weather right now?" I made up this short poem;

How can I know what weather it is when the shadow of night is in the way?
How can I see if it's cloudy or clear when the sun will not share a single ray?
How can I hear the raindrops falling when the night deafens me with its silence?
Ask me what weather it is in the morning, when dawn has killed night with its violence.
He stumbles as the night
throws gusts of wind at him
trying to bowl him over

He throws his bottle of
at nothing in particular

Trying to feel for once
Trying to see for once
What might have been
If he had said those three words


I just made that up in two seconds =]


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