But... I want to read it ^^)
So it's time to dig around in your drawers or files, I wanna read everything you've ever written! (Well, that is a slightly exaggerated but I bet you guys are clever enough to not take it literally)
But really, it can be something you wrote yesterday, it can be something you wrote when you were 7, just WRITE.

(Poetry, Short Stories, A chapter of something, A song, Or just some thoughts scrabbled down. No worries if it's just a sentence.)

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Actually its due today. Later on today.
'Ugg Buttons.
Madeline had no problems with the fact that her best friend was dead. She had no problems with the fact that she knew who did it. She had no problems with the incessant voices in the back of her mind. She had no problems with any of it... until now.

Chapter One
Jaseline was officially famous. Everyone in the city knew her and loved her. Everyone except one person. That person would be the one to end it all on the night of her 16th birthday party. I am Jaseline's best friend. My name is Madeline and I know how everything happened. This information is dangerous to everyone around me so it will only be released to the investigators.

Okay, I admit it, Jaseline and I were slightly exclusive. We kept to our group of friends and didn't associate much with anyone else. We live on a maritime key just off the coast of Miami. I started to drive us to and from school the day I got my lisence.
It is important you understand that the bridge that leads to our houses is about two miles long and fifty feet high. Our houses are the only two on the island. The mainland end of the bridge is covered in derisive vandalism, but when you get to our side you are greeted by a wrought iron gate with the letters "B" and "G". The "B" is for my last name, Baldwin. The "G" is for hers, Grenth.
To get in the gates you have to know the code and even if you did it is extremely hard to maneuver between the pillars. I refuse to give you a vivid description of our houses because something like this might happen again. Let's just say our houses are huge, white, and very expensive to maintain ourselves.
I am going to start my story about a few months back. On June 23 Jaseline began to recieve some really strange phone calls. We were in the car when it happened. "Hello," she said politely into the phone.
"You do not deserve what you have and I am going to take it all away one day!" the voice on the other end ranted.
"Who is this?" she inquired in her best angel voice.
"You know what I mean," the smoky voice said.
Jas flung the phone off of the bridge.
"Why did you do that?!" I asked.
"Some creeper called me and threatened me, so I threw my phone off the bridge. I can always get a new one," she answered as if it was simple.
Now, she isn't the kind of person who would throw her phone off of a bridge. I really started to get worried after that.
This was the beginning. I wasn't sure how it was going to end then. Who would have thought our bridge would burn?

Chapter 2
After that day, things just got weirder and weirder. She kept receiving the strange calls, and even started getting really random gifts. One day, we walked up to her doorstep and I tripped over a Godzilla wind up toy. You can't get much weirder than that, right? Oh, but this person sure could.
I started guessing it was a man because of the voice on the phone, but I could never really be sure. There were a lot of people who were... envious of Jaseline. They thought she had everything that you could possibly want. It wasn't true, though.
Jaseline's dad was barely ever home, and when he was, he holed himself in either the library or the office. She hated that she didn't see him. Over the years, he started coming home less and less, and by the time she went missing, he would only come home about once every two months. In the beginning, she acted like a zombie. Barely saying anything, barely doing anything. She coasted through life on autopilot.
A few weeks after one of her dad's most uneventful visits, we noticed a few cracks in the foundation of the bridge. We told one of the housekeepers, Alice, about it and she said she would get someone on it. That night there was a bad storm that ripped off most of our shingles, so everyone was pretty preoccupied the day it happened.
I guess you could call it a coincidence, but I still can't talk about it much. I don't really remember that much. I can tell you what I know, though.
It was still pretty windy that day, and we had to get up early for a school project. We ended up leaving a little late. I hopped in my car, honked the horn for Jas to hurry up, and buckled my seat. She ran down the garage stairs, hopped in the car, (Literally. She just disregards the door as if it's not even there.) and we were off.
We reached the bridge, and for the first few minutes the ride was nice and smooth. After a while, though, it started to get wet and slippery. It was almost as if there was ice on the bridge! Jaseline started screaming as she saw what we were heading straight for. The pillars on the bridge were getting bigger and bigger as I strained for control of my car.
I slammed the brakes, trying to at least lessen the impact. We still hit pretty hard, despite my efforts. I don't remember being pulled from the car, or even hitting the pillar, really. All I remember was thinking This is it. This is where it ends. At least I'm with Jas.
Chapter 3
I woke up in the hospital with gauze wrapped around my head. Apparently, I had gauged my head pretty bad on the pillar and I was lucky to be alive. The only good thing about it was that I got a pretty cute pixie cut out of it. My parents were worried for a long time, but I as sure I was going to make it.
The day I convinced them that I could walk, I tried to find Jaseline. I searched every room on my floor, and the floor below me. I decided to ask a nurse. She told me that she was in room 416 on the intensive care floor. Something was obviously wrong.
"Umm... Do you happen to know anything about her condition?" I asked the nurse. Her reply was in the form of a grim look. I rushed to the fourth floor in search of my best friend. Well, I rushed as fast as some could who was just regaining her sense of balance.
I found the room and peeked inside. It smelled kind of like blood. I held my breath and stepped in, wishing for the best, but expecting the worst.
You can guess what I got. The absolute worst because that's just how my luck works. Her head was wrapped in slightly blood stained gauze, and her left leg was propped on two pillows, enclosed in a black cast. The girl was a fashion queen even when it came to being hurt. Black goes with everything. Her right arm was in a similar black cast.
"Hey chica. How are you?" I asked. She looked unresponsive, so I poked her good arm. She jolted awake, looking frightened. "It's just me. No worries," I said. She pulled her clear iPod earphones out of her ears and out of her iTouch. Fall Out Boy's "What A Catch, Donnie" floated out of the minuscule speakers. She halted the music.
"How do you think I am?" she asked. "I guess not that---" Then she cut me off with a sigh.
"TERRIBLE! That is how I feel, Madeline. Would you like to know why?" Jaseline wasn't normally like this.
"I guess so. Does it involve more screaming? I'm still a little rattled, too, you know."
"Sorry. I wasn't thinking. Well, I'm terrible because we are all over the news, and Luke broke up with me. He said something like; 'Sorry, you are just way too famous for me. I'm sorry about what happened. Really, I'm sorry.' WHAT THE---"
"We're in a hospital! Don't even think about saying that word. There are people downstairs praying. You could mess up the whole thing. Now, calm down and try to sleep. I'm going to text my mom and tell her that I'll be sitting up here with you for a while."
"Don't bother. There's no cell reception on this floor. They have jammers in the ceiling."
After I ran downstairs to tell my mom where I was, I came back up and let her tell me about her injuries. She had a whole slew of them including; broken tibia, severed achilles tendon, fractured wrist, and a gauge that matched mine. This was going to be a long week.
GO ON!! (Me is caught up in this story.)


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