I hate you people.

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He got banned.
Can you tell us why he was banned? Oh Great Lord Master of the Ning?

He was funny.
He was annoying
You're annoying.
That was somehow a worse comeback than mine.
Are you fucking kidding me?

I knew getting Ningmasters was a bad idea. If you genuinely did ban one of the best known and most beloved members of the Ning, then I suggest you resign at once, oh incompetent and censorious sir (Or that whomever did so resigns). Anyone who fiercely wields the sword of censorship against the primary voice of intelligent and dark humor within this forum is a despotic disgrace to Nerdfighteria. Such a person does not deserve the title of Ningmaster, or even Nerdfighter, but rather of intellectual eunuch, Comstockian cretin, or dimwitted decepticon.

The sole legitimate function of a Ningmaster when it comes to bans is to ban spammers and those who post pornography on the Ning. Any other bans defile the freedom of speech and thought which previously characterized the Ning.

Edit: His posts still exist, but I cannot access his profile, and he no longer shows up among my friends. Is this consistent with a ban?
Is this you or Xaiylia talking? Ive raised this question before. The ningmasters duty should not be to censor the website, rather to simply overview the on goings of it. When a problem arises, deal with it. I do however, disagree on having ningmasters, I think moderators is a good idea, but good moderators is a better one.

Obviously he stepped over some metaphorical line that metaphorically exists in the metaphorical rule book that we metaphorically follow. (I guarantee I used "metaphorical" wrong at least once there). I have been threatened with a permanent ban without valid reason, so maybe that is what Decepticon suffered.
You have?

That's nonsensical.

I remember the early days of the Ning. Back before Ningmasters. Back when there were no rules, and nobody was banned; they were simply subjected to scathing criticism from the likes of Decepticon and myself. When this site was an embodiment of the free marketplace of ideas envisioned by such classical liberal thinkers as John Stuart Mill and Thomas Paine. Yet somewhere the Ning lost its way. The first generation of Ningmasters was familiar with our free speech loving ways. They knew that their place was to remove spam and pornography, and that was that. Yet these new authorities are less cognizant of the crucial role free speech plays in our site's history, and clearly let their irrationality and emotions rule them. It's a sad state for this once great website, which is now a metaphorical fount of sewage in my view.
Yes, I'm sure now. Someone did miss their nappy time.
What a cogent insult. Do I need to show you John Green's "How Nerdfighters Drop Insults"?
You have? What is this madness? :o
If any Ningmaster misbehaves, please let me know. I'm not clairvoyant and I can't be everywhere all the time, but I do want to hear about this.


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