I hate you people.

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Honestly, the Ningmasters these days remind me of the ultra-conservative ideologically incoherent orthodoxy-mongers at Team Sarah.
The sad news makes Kurt cry.

Actually, I never really knew Decepticon. I had always admired him from afar.
But my soul is weeping.

Made of awesome.
I also deeply miss CtH, even though she chooses to be gone. and QT.

I weep once more.
Wait, QT is gone too!? Since when!?
CtH is gone?
WHAT?! We've lost the heart, soul, AND the infectious liver of the Ning? But but... I... words... can't... I... *crawls into corner and weeps*
I dibs the kidney.
Oh. youre not gone *phew*
Um, I'm still here. Not as regularly as I once was, but still.
Although, on a Ning that can ban Decepticon, I see little reason to stay as anything other than a trolling irritant towards the obviously incompetent and overly powerful Ningmaster class.
Ive already done that... its boring.


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