Post pictures that don't make sense.

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WHAT?!?!?!?! my eyes are bleeding!!!!!! and my ears!!!!!!!!!
Well, now I want to write sci-fi.

I love when she slaps that Kurt Vonnegut fangirl XD
This both hilarious and excellent and awful.

Brilliant. Just, brilliant. So brilliant I could cry.

I wish I could show this to my mother, except... *shrug *

I wish I had a pet goat with a pair of hands on the side of its face that could grab my head...
I made this one

I will take that L and sell it to the fan girls.
must... get... xbox!
Drawing inspiration from an earlier poster, Korean music videos!

It doesn't really get wtf-y until about the half way point. But I assure you, it does happen.

And of course, one of my favourites
I just discovered something awesome. Hipster Hitler.



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