I actually really want to call this project "Across the Universe" even though I don't know anything about that song besides the title...yeah

Anyway, the premise I was thinking of is vloggers from different countries. So I guess "Around the World" would be a more properly themed title. Gender, age group, etc doesn't really matter, so let's go for as much diversity as possible! It did cross my mind that three girls and three guys might be cool, if someone is willing to take a day on the weekend. But really, I'm not too picky about the mix.

As for myself, I am about to turn 21, I am a female and live in America. Specifically, California (so, West Coast) and am attending San Jose State University, of course in the city of San Jose.
I'm not sure how much this might play into the theme, but my ethnic background consists of almost equal parts Polish, Scottish, Irish, and Japanese. Despite that mix, I don't know much about any of those cultures, except Japanese. I know a little of the language and some of the culture.

So yeah, any strangers from different countries willing to give this a go, please comment here and tell me about yourselves. Hopefully we can actually do this!
Also, title suggestions would probably be awesome...

Thanks guys!

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Collab-hacking is a fun-filled thing! And I'm undoubtedly in!
I am turning 17 in June and if my profile picture's not descriptive enough I am willing to let go of the dirty little secret that I am in all circumstances male. If you want diversity in countries and continents; here I am, representing the weird little state of Norway! Yay! ish

I've been collab-hacking before (, but that sadly ended because of my lack of time (that will not be a problem anymore on my end.

Very much looking forward to seing more faces here to become familiar with!

And if we for some reason are in an extreme hurry to start this thing (which I'm guessing we're not) I'm not able to upload anything video-shaped in the next couple of weeks due to lack of functioning technology (Stupid technology!)

Cream Cookies!

I will PM my e-mail adress and skype =)
No, we are not in a big hurry to start; and I don't think we should start putting stuff together until we have at least three or four people...? I dunno. YAY Norway!
So, no rush, don't worry about your technology...well worry about technology, just not in this respect. Awesome!

Countries thus far:
hey guise :D
My name is Laura and I was born in Argentina, I'm living in Argentina and never went abroad so yeah. Argentina :B
I turned 18 last month and this year I started the CBC (an extra, preparation year) for Clothes Design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.
As to my ethnic background, my parents are both Argentinian, but my grandparents are from Italy and Bulgaria. I don't know much about any of those cultures, but I'm very interested in learning both languages. My mother tongue is Spanish, but I can also speak English and write some Japanese (whenever I have to talk in Jap I stay blank and can't say a word, even though I understand and know how to answer ):)

Never vlogged anything, really, just a little update for my blog because I was so lazy about writing. I like to edit videos even though i kinda suck at it: I'll get better eventually :B

uT username: monkeylibrium
blog: (spanish)
and I will PM my email ans skype adress, as well (:

Don't worry about not vlogging very much; this will be a good way to practice! So I'll send you both a message after I post here with basically just some ideas. Hopefully we can set up some sort of thread to toss ideas around.

Alright, country list:
United States

So maybe...two more? I dunno, just keep those replies coming if you're interested!
You know what else I noticed just now, we've all said we have birthdays either coming up or have calibrated them recently. Like Laura was last month, I'm this month and Simen will be next month. How funny is that?
Awesome! Looks like we only need one more person!
Is everyone okkay with the group so far? I think it's coming along nicely. Sanesavonian, I'll send you the same message I sent to the others through the Ning messaging system.

Countries so far:
United States

One more to go!!!
i'm okay with anything, really :3

I'm sure we'll have a nice nice time doing this :D
In an unrelated story: We might want some sort of theme song/tune/thing/orange pie. I am very willing and fully capable of constructing such a thing (after we've gotten a name down), as I'm a little to fairly experienced in composing and arranging music. YAY!

As for names, I don't think we necessarily have to focus it on an "all over the world" theme as it is utterly overused by NF collabs.
I am now assuming some hardcore NF-knowledge here, but how about naming us one of John's (imaginary) band names from I think September '07?

Furthermore, we should have some other form of communication going on somehow, like Skype, MSN, IM, anything, because there will be stuff to discuss, and it could be really useful to do it in real time (although time zones are probably gonna suck). I'll be sending my skype and e-mail to Heather, and if everyone else has got, or can get hold of such things and does the same thing, we could get organizedish and get to know each other a little, a lot more quickly.
Yes! Tune! Once we pick a name XD I am fully happy to let you go ahead and do that since I have no experience with music XP

Lol, the Moby Moby Dick Tones....How about the maybe dead cats? That theme was also used in Will Grayson Will Grayson. I also like Chester Drawers, and a lot of the name ones because no one in the group so far is named Chester...
OH! Also, my friends once came up with an imaginary band name awhile ago: The Air Banders. Which is only funny if you're seen Avatar The Last Air Bender...I guess...

I have an AIM, ChaucersFangirl, but not a that one might be hard to accomplish unless I get a skype. So if we're all for skyping then I'll have to get an account.
that would probably be best. For instance, it's about 9:20 AM right now for me...
I've never vlogged before but I have ALWAYS wanted to try, and my friend and I were thinking about starting something, but nothing ever came of it...But I do know how to do the whole video thing because I do IB Film Studies.

Either way HI! My name is Katie, 17 and I currently live in Hong Kong but I will be flying off to London in September for university to do a foundation course in art and design.
I am Eurasian, half english, half malaysian which is pretty interesting I guess...

And I am going to stop now because I feel like I am writing a personal ad and it just got awkward.

lol, that's fine. I kind felt like I was posting a personal ad too.
So I'm guessing then that you have the equipment for vlogging, but have just not vlogged before, right?

Um, if the other are okkay with it, then you're our fifth I guess!
What does everyone think? Is this a good group?


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