I actually really want to call this project "Across the Universe" even though I don't know anything about that song besides the title...yeah

Anyway, the premise I was thinking of is vloggers from different countries. So I guess "Around the World" would be a more properly themed title. Gender, age group, etc doesn't really matter, so let's go for as much diversity as possible! It did cross my mind that three girls and three guys might be cool, if someone is willing to take a day on the weekend. But really, I'm not too picky about the mix.

As for myself, I am about to turn 21, I am a female and live in America. Specifically, California (so, West Coast) and am attending San Jose State University, of course in the city of San Jose.
I'm not sure how much this might play into the theme, but my ethnic background consists of almost equal parts Polish, Scottish, Irish, and Japanese. Despite that mix, I don't know much about any of those cultures, except Japanese. I know a little of the language and some of the culture.

So yeah, any strangers from different countries willing to give this a go, please comment here and tell me about yourselves. Hopefully we can actually do this!
Also, title suggestions would probably be awesome...

Thanks guys!

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Yay! I can't wait! =D
Okkay, I know not everyone hasn't had a chance to reply yet, this is just a summary to help me get my mind straight.

Countries according to Time Zone

KT in Hong Kong (timezone 8) at 1:00 AM
Sanesavonian in Finland (timezone 2) at 8:00 PM
Simen in Norway (timezone 1) at 7:00 PM
Laura in Argentina (timezone -3) at 2:00 PM
Heather in Western United States (timezone -8) at 10:00 AM

That helps me out, I hope it helps you guys a bit too...
I just rounded the hours so that I could get an idea of the time difference, not the actual time it was while I was posting.
awesome waaarrrkk :D
that list really helped :B <3<3<3
I actually think we have our members! But thanks! I'll be sure to upload a link to the channel once we get set up!


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