Yet Another Collab Channel Thread For College Age Nerdfighters

So, I was in a collab channel last year, but it fell through in October. It was a lot of fun, though, and I'd love to get involved in one again that would start in the new year. I'd prefer the ages to be between 18-21, and I think it would be really awesome to get people from all over the world. Also, as a fun side note, I'm studying abroad in London in January. So, I'll be there.

If you're interested, fill this out, and I'll get back to you.

1. Name: 
2. Age: 
3. Location (country, state): 
4. Channel Name Suggestions:

5. What are your interests? 

6. What are your favorite books? Movies? Shows? Music?

7. What day of the week would be best for you?
8. Will you be dedicated (posting every week and not missing many weeks?
9. Do you have experience with YouTube/video editing (just minor stuff)?

Also, when/if people show interest, I'll put my answers for the questions below as well.

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That's totally fine. :3

yeah remember we made a rule that if there are circumstances that are out of your control, like travel or being sick, then you get an extention. I do think you should bring us with though. just for part of your video. I would love to see your scottish adventure.

Tim... video?

you are so much nicer than me. also i have a sugar rush from eating girl scout cookies!

Mine is up. :3

Hey, what is everyone's Facebook? I have a group on there that I believe would be easier for us to communicate on with ideas and such. 

Put a link or your name on here/send me a private message. :3

I'll have mine tomorrow.  I got home for Spring break late after a 12 hour trip.


Wait, what happened?

Wait what?  Was it my turn?  I don't think it was.  What's going on?

Tim 1's turn r

Alright everyone, team effort!  No more slackin!


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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