Hello Nerdfighteria, I was wondering if there would be any interest in starting a Harry Potter collab channel. It would opperate on the same premise as fiveawesomegirls in that our uniting force would be our love of Harry Potter and there would be at least 5 of us (up to 7 if there was enough interest)...We could do challenges, talk about Harry Potter but also other things...
I just want to keep the love for JKR, Harry and Compant alive and what better way to do that then to make a few friends!

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I might be interested, the only vlog-style video I have ever made though was for P4A last year so i'm not very good o.o

But sure if thats not a problem! :3

Don't worry about lack of experience, I've only vlogged a few times before this! I just thought it could be a fun project to keep potter alive :D

Yay! Well then I'm in :)

I might be interested.

How much do you care about video and sound quality though? Because while I love my audio recorders, I'd be using a digital camera for the visual part so it wont really be so clear (if you want a quality example see my two posts on my youtube ... ) I can fix the audio more, but there isn't anything I can do about the look of the video.

The quality of the video doesn't matter much. I'll likely be using a webcam for a while so my video quality wouldn't be that great either, I just hope awesome people want to join!

Ok cool, I'll join up with you long as I don't have to do the Wednesday videos. Video editing isn't really going to work around school well if I have to do Wednesdays is all (and yes I know school doesn't start up again until the end of August, but for future reference...).I'd love doing Thursdays though, if that's an option.


Do you have a channel name and stuff like that worked out yet?

I'd be interested. As long as I don't have to do mondays, also, I'd be using a webcam so it will probably look pretty bad. And I've only vlogged once before. Also, I'll need some time to learn how to edit my videos :D and if it's any concern I'm fifteen.
are you still looking for another vlogger?


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