Hello, I love these books called Percy Jackson! And since this is a place were us nerds unite, to stop suckness, and Percy Jackson does not suck. So all of us Percy Jackson fans unite, and tell me what you think about the books! I am a Greek geek, and just love it when my school does a unite for the Greek gods. Do you know anything about the Greek gods because of that book? Post here!

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I'm a Percy Jackson fan!  I still have to read the new Camp Half-Blood series...have you read the first book yet?  Also, what did you think of the movie?  Personally, I thought they kind of ruined it.  I felt like they took the first three books, crammed them into one, and then made the characters way too old.  Just my opinion.

i have read all of them few times over already,

including the first book of the new series, personally i liked the movie, it didnt stick to the book(s), but no movie ever does, i think they did quite well, considering, but i still have a few book > movie issues, naturally.

you just cant not love the idea of the greek gods in the modern day world, ahh the possibilities (:

They really did horrible with that movie. Especially Grover. And what about how Percy never got claimed? That ticked me off big time.
I am completely in love with the Percy Jackson series! I first read them a year ago and have already read them all 3 times since then, and read the new series too :-)
I loved it. I'm really glad that Riordan included a lot of the characters from Percy Jackson instead of making it completely seperate


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