okay so I was reading one of those lists of things that you do if your a harry potter fan and I think we can do way better then that. So I want all of you to sit there and come up with your best acts of potterness and write them in the comments.

P.S. If you dont like harry potter then dont comment. I honastly dont want to read about how boring or stupid you think harry potter is.

WARNING: discussion may contain spoilers.

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wear your Gyffindor tie and House sweater to important meetings because they are the only dress clothes you own.

And have a life size poster of Fred Weasley above your bed...
good ones. although I prefer slytherin. Fred Weasley R.I.P
That is so great *wishes for a house sweater*
Made your own wand , and attempt "Accio" on household objects all the time.
Say you're craving butterbeer when you mean root beer.
I do the same thing with my friends =P.
When you set up a perch next to the window so you can recieve owl post.
When you truely believe Alan Rickman is Snape so when you see him in other things you shout 'Hey it's snape, what's he doing in that?'
Hahah, wow, i know. I forgot about those two!
*couldn't keep a straight face*
"You gandered upon my ward"
yep, i screamed out "SNAPE!!" when i saw sweeney todd lol. actually, me and all my friends did it at the same time. it was pretty funny :D
i had a similar reaction... my mom told me to be quiet :)


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