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I thought the exact same thing... Hank made an entire video about that too!

english can be difficult for the natives to understand.

hey! Leave the person alone. I don't like it when nerdfighters bully! z(

I don't think of it as bullying, more of help critizism.
Did you mean to say criticism?
I think that was the intention.
in general, people who are not native speakers of a language tend to understand the grammar better than those who are native speakers.
But how does that affect this?
people were talking about English not being their first language or being difficult for natives to understand and I had a random fact ^_^

Definitely. Native speakers speak the way they hear people around them speak, but non-native speakers learn the grammar from scratch.

Yeah my Russian Exchange knows more about English grammar than I do! :D

You would rather spend time watching episodes of Star Trek with your friend, during something you've dubbed geekends than go to your school dance! Yes, i did do that and don't regret it at all!


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