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you want to be a nerdfighter.

your friends start to qualify your Harry Potter merchandise as a 'collection'.

you know you're a nerd fighter when... the hardest decision you've had to make in the past 3 years is weather you are a hufflepuff or a raven claw.

Huffleclaw FTW

You know that you're a nerdfighter when...

You walk up the aisle to the theme from Legend of Zelda (yes I really did, and the organist played it beautifully)

You make an Android app just to keep track of all the kinds of stitches you need to remember for your craft project

Plan your time carefully so you can finish Skyrim before Skyward Sword comes out =^_^=

you are sitting in a movie theater and you see a trailer for Journey 2 and you yell out "OMG! ITS A PUPPY SIZED ELEPHANT! IS THIS ISLAND NERDFIGHTERIA?"

Your friends write DFTBA in your Christmas card.'re at a Christmas party talking about Giraffe sex and honey badgers. 

You meet someone truly awesome and think, "He/she would make an awesome nerdfighter".

you start putting things on your head more frequently 

true story

...You're talking to a guy, and you instantly know that you can never go out with him, because he didn't understand what the "interwebs" are.


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