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...when being able to give a sensible answer to a sensible question without bothering about spell checks, because spells are much more important than spelling anyways.
When you look at Big Bird and instead of a giant friendly puppet you see a dire canary. RSVP'd to a Bar Mitzvah, and you find out that a starkid musical is being screened on the same day, and you beg your mom to let you see the musical instead.

(True story. My mom said no, but they added a showing for the next day and I went anyway.)


Also: In every conversation, you can relate something to the vlogbrothers, so much, in fact, that your mom starts to think you have a crush on them, which is crazy because you're 13 and they're in their 30s. (But she gets the brothers confused when you talk about them, so you have to explain to her that you're talking about Hank right now, and John is the one who writes books.)


Another: When you and your best friend can't sleep at the sleepover of another friend, she gets out her laptop and starts playing on an MMORPG, while you read Emily Dickinson poems on your iPod.

Ah, this is why I love having a nerdfighter mother.

you're not embarrassed to be smart.

you respond to good news with a Happy Dance.


When instead of being upset that your boyfriend isn't "popular" or "hot" you yell at him for not being a nerdfighter.

(Which, by the way, I am working on. I've already gotten him to read all of John's books, but he's not exactly nerdy. I'm trying to fix that, haha.)

Also, none of my friends understand my obsession with putting things on my head ._.

I'm working on making my boyfriend a nerdfighter too lol


you have a little sore on the bottom of your wrist from it rubbing against the computer desk. get outrageously excited about the notion of getting a hanklerfish on your pre-ordered copy of "A Fault in Our Stars"

and/or a yeti by the Yeti!

...when you start saying 'DFTBA' randomly at your school.  :)


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