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XDDDD Haha, it is on mine.
you take a book where ever you go...just in case you get bored.
all the time!
you get the humor in videos like these.

lol. that vid was great. !


you go through your entire collection of books saying,"In My Pants!" after every title.

read on the school breaks ...for fun :D

My teacher assigned us reading over break and I was offended when he said that it was because most of us wouldn't read over break. We were assigned one book and I read 4, not counting the unpublished ones read on I think that I win.

When your life mantra is to not forget to be awesome.
you know you're a nerdfighter when you are excited to buy notebooks and highlighters...! YES! BEST SHOPPING TRIP EVER TODAY XD
I'm not the only one! French the Llama! I buy a new notebook for every new project, and I now have thousands!

So I'm not the only one! Yeah! XD


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