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When the way you want to die envolves either calling Bellatrix a bitch or being in the service of the Doctor.
... when NFL no longer stands for National Football League but instead it stands for Nerdfighterlike.
when you read a book that has nothing to do with religion that rather quickly becomes your bible.
...when instead of going to your school's semiformal dance, you instead plan on having a Harry Potter movie marathon with a few friends, complete with magical foods and trivia games...and costumes! :)
Whenever someone mentions an article of clothing, you will say "I wear a ..... now. .....s are cool"

that happens about eveyday!

Plus happy dancing whenever I even see a fez

when you and your friends blow of a party to play runescape :)

you stay up all night watching brotherhood 2.0, you know when to put your and when to put you're, you fight to decrease world suck and increase Awesome!


you have daily struggles to decrease world suck.

Your friends pull out a bottle of Strawberry Hill and you chuckle, remembering the Strawberry Hill and Peeps, as well as Looking for Alaska. Then you ask your friends to take a picture of you with the bottle and they look at you like you're crazy. Then you feel inclined to tell them about the awesomeness that is the Vlog Brothers and Nerdfighteria.

  • You started watching all vlogbrothers videos in the correct order. I'm at November 30th 2007 ^^
  • You've met a lot of friends on the Internet who are Nerdfighters
  • You think the aforementioned friends are even more awesome than the word awesome.
  • You went to a Nerdfighter gathering
  • You can't stop watching Doctor Who
  • You invent hashtags like #burpingchinesegirls or words like awesomelicious
  • You try to add "In My Pants" to all book titles you encounter
when watching Harry Potter you  HAVE to wear a cape :)


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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