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You actually contemplate injesting a Happy Meal smoothie.
you belong to the Nerdfighter forums.
you would rather eat a blenderized Happy Meal, than pump your fists at a New Jersey nightclub. get really angry when you say something like 'Klingons' and someone replies you watch too much Star Wars. know that Squirrel Girl is the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe. feel inclined to correct everyone's grammar, all the time. know how to spell (and pronounce) words like paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde. say words like paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde just for fun. read Shakespeare for fun.



Double guilty.
I try to do this regularly, just to confuse people. It's fun.

Same here. I now have my friends doing the symbol and saying DFTBA.


i found this on you tube. the big bang theory contest. notice hoe she throws the nerdfighter sign up at the end concuss yourself doing a literal *headdesk*

You wear your DFTBA shirt to school, and when people ask what it means, you give them a half hour lecture on how sucking they must be, and how awsome the vlog brothers are :)

You know you are a nerdfighter when:

you know what the initial-ism G.N.D.N stands for because your fan of Star Trek.


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