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You wear your DFTBA shirt to school, and when people ask what it means, you give them a half hour lecture on how sucking they must be, and how awsome the vlog brothers are :)

You know you are a nerdfighter when:

you know what the initial-ism G.N.D.N stands for because your fan of Star Trek.

When the way you want to die envolves either calling Bellatrix a bitch or being in the service of the Doctor.
... when NFL no longer stands for National Football League but instead it stands for Nerdfighterlike.
when you read a book that has nothing to do with religion that rather quickly becomes your bible.
...when instead of going to your school's semiformal dance, you instead plan on having a Harry Potter movie marathon with a few friends, complete with magical foods and trivia games...and costumes! :)
Whenever someone mentions an article of clothing, you will say "I wear a ..... now. .....s are cool"

that happens about eveyday!

Plus happy dancing whenever I even see a fez

when you and your friends blow of a party to play runescape :)

you stay up all night watching brotherhood 2.0, you know when to put your and when to put you're, you fight to decrease world suck and increase Awesome!



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