You say Lumos whenever you turn on a flashlight!!!!!

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You've read the first book 16 times and still find yourself picking it up again...
you have 67 tabs open on our computer 24/7 all of which are at least distantly related to Harry Potter
when you and your friends eat jelly beans on a subway, and pretend you are on the Hogwarts Express.
When you decorate your house like Hogwarts for halloween, and dress as yourself, in witch form.
when to you, hallowe'en is synonomous to "dress up in wizard robes/Hogwarts uniform and not get made fun of day"
Story of my life.
you firmly believe that there is no such thing as being too big a Harry Potter fan!
You get angry and walk out of the room only to walk back in and ask where the apparation point is.
-your birthday invitations are hogwarts acceptance letters with green ink and wax and the whole shebang
-and your only two pumpkins that year depict harry, ron, hermione and the harry potter emblem
haha^^ the idea of the birthay invitations is great =)
you order a tv remote that looks like a wand.
because... WAND!
you get crazy about every movie trailer you see of harry potter and watch it 100 times =P (and then complain about everything they did wrong in the movie =P)


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